In every city or town there is one watering hole that reflects televisions’ hit sitcom, Cheers. You know, where everyone knows your name.  In Marathon it’s the Hurricane.  On any given night you’ll find a melting pot of residents and tourists enjoying food, music, dancing, throwing darts, shooting pool and shooting the.… (Talking).  Last night I asked three people what their favorite feature of the Hurricane was and received three very different answers.

First, “Oh! It’s the food, if you go order the specials they are always great no matter what it is. The food is always top-quality and most importantly consistent.” 

Second,  “I love the live music. I never thought that when I moved to Marathon I would have the opportunity to hear so many great bands and be able to dance so close to them.  They really rock.” 

Third,  “Wing night, I love that I can get stuffed on chicken wings, enjoy exotic drinks and thanks to the smoke free environment, go home not smelling like I was at a bar.”

Personally, I enjoy going to the Hurricane after a city council or county commission meeting.  After everyone has a few drinks you get to know what is really going on.  Congratulations to Mari, Kai and Mike for a great five years.  In fact, if I had a drink I would toast you right now. Here’s to another five.  Keep up the great work.

Speaking of great work, I would like to give a special shout out to Jim Barnhill of South Sea Rigging who on July 4 rescued the day by fabricating a hitch (at no charge to the Rotary club) to bring the Coke trailer into the beach area.  Big thanks Jim!  I’d like to thank Louie Gonzalez for all his help setting up. The Fourth of July celebration was ‘a huge success’ due to the efforts of The City of Marathon, the Parks and Recreation department, John Bartus and friends along with the Rotary Club of Marathon.  There were record crowds at the beach enjoying ‘the best fire works display-sky concert in the Florida Keys.’

Good luck to all the candidates of the upcoming election.  My hope is that you all keep it clean, keep it honest, keep it accurate and keep it real.  Talk not only what you will do but also how you will do it.  I respect anyone willing to put his or herself on the line in order to run for an office.  Dream the life you live and live the life you dream.

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