Tangled in the historic Flagler Station building on the corner of Caroline Street and Margaret Street is a fairly new community fixture; which is more than an art gallery, and more than a bar.

“People pass by all the time, but don’t stop in because they think it is a museum, but I know if they stop in once, they are like ‘wow, this is so cool’ and they’ll be back,” says Barbara Grob.

Grob is referring to her Old Town establishment with South Beach flair, the Key West Art Bar.

This year Grob is celebrating her 1st year anniversary. A hang out, gallery, and specialty gift shop inviting to locals and tourists alike.

“Art doesn’t have to be stuffy and elitist,” Grob points out with confidence. “My Art Bar is fun, while still showcasing quality, captivating pieces.”

A new alluring space has been renovated and can be found tucked away behind the art. The new Secret Spot Lounge.

“It has a South Beach, or Los Angeles vibe,” she describes the venue.  “And, the site has the only free pool table in town.”

If you haven’t strolled in, right now would be an ideal time. Until October, or a hurricane hits, whichever comes first, Key West Art Bar is hosting a free Art Mafia contest. All you have to do is sign up receive a free membership.  The membership includes happy hour pricing any hour of the day, and whoever brings in the most guests are eligible for fabulous door prizes; such as, gift certificates, bar tabs or merchandise. In October, there will be a culmination of the contest, and a drawing will be held amongst all of the monthly winners.

The crème de le crème: a $2,000 cocktail ring. The perfect, eye-catching accessory to any island evening outfit. Plus, Grob will also be giving away cash and paintings.

“Art bar is so special and unique,” Grob added.  “This Key West treasure is a department store of creative goods.”

Many of you may already know Grob as the self-proclaimed ArtSlut who moved to Key West 14 years ago. A tenure which has earned her the status of Freshwater Conch. The sparkling brunette even boasts a certificate from Wilhelmina Harvey to prove it. You can stop in to see her or just log on to keysweekly.com and follow the link. Weekly and monthly, she hosts an eclectic mix of events from Saki-Tini nights to classic movie nights.

“We’re not trying to be intellectual, just have fun and goof off!”

Patrons pack The Secret Spot at the Key West Art Bar. Barb Grob the self-proclaimed “ArtSlut” says this hip, new lounge area is reminiscent of South Beach or an L.A. hot spot, and invites readers in! Come as you are, or come in costume.Patrons pack The Secret Spot at the Key West Art Bar

Grob, a certified Freshwater Conch is originally from the Show-Me-State, Missouri!  She elucidates her statement as being an ArtSlut, simply as being someone who loves the arts. A brand to demystify and bring art to the masses and inspiring creativity – nothing dirty.


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