From sweet to savory, the bake shop in Marathon has the good stuff to satisfy the morning appetite.

In a town filled with foodies and the businesses that cater to them, Sweet Savannah’s Bake Shop is a favorite with locals looking for breakfast. Open for just over a year, the shop has great choices for the morning meal. The chocolate croissants, almond croissants, cinnamon rolls and turnovers appeal to those with a sweet tooth. The other half of the population turns to the savory side — egg, ham and cheese croissants or something light and fluffy offset by a warm and spicy sausage patty.

“People tell us frequently that our house coffee is delicious,” said Kate Koler who co-owns the shop with Kate Chapman. “Of course, we also have café con leche or cappuccino, too.”

At the bakery, the day starts at 4 a.m. and the doors open at 8 a.m. But the bakery can fill orders that are called in the evening before — such as a group of fishermen that want to get an early start but not so early that they miss out on a bag full of warm pastry.

“People that are on their way to work can call us and order a spinach croissant to be heated up and ready to go,” Koler said. “Most of our locals get in and out of here in for under $5 and that includes coffee and a pastry.”

Those that have a more leisurely schedule in the morning like to watch the word go by at one of the patio tables facing the street or avail themselves of the secret garden out back.

In addition to the special treats, Sweet Savannah’s also sells bread by the loaf. Recently, a group of visitors came in and chose bread to take back to the vacation rental for breakfast. The shop always stocks the country loaf and baguettes, but it also makes a variety of others such as focaccia, cheddar cheese bread, ciabatta and six-grain bread.

And, what the heck, pick up a couple of cupcakes and save them for dessert after dinner.

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