Cinque uses voting interlude to raise money for charity

by Jason Koler

This past Friday, Marathon City Councilman Mike Cinque hosted a party at the Stuffed Pig to celebrate his most recent political campaign – which never happened. Both Cinque and fellow councilman Richard Keating were re-elected without opposition.

Keating is entering his second term, Cinque is on his third.

Close to 300 people attended the “Voting Interlude” party that raised between $8,000 and $10,000 for Grace Jones and Kreative Kids Daycare Centers.

Cinque, who is entering his term limit, said he is going to devote the next two years to establishing Boot Key as a public eco-park.

“That would put a perpetual economic engine in our city by making it a world class eco-destination,” he said. “The TDC spends a lot of money to put heads in beds. You get heads in beds by having a reason for people to come here.”

He said other immediate issues including completing the Grassy Key Fire Station and to start on a city hall “once the economy comes back. We must be careful that we do not overextend ourselves.

Pictured, from left: Chris Waldera, Lupe Marzoa, Charlotte Quinn, Cinque, Sue Lovley, and Hal Schuhmacher.

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