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While it’s true that Cousteau’s original “Aqualung” first unified man and the underwater world, what the famous explorer’s original scuba system couldn’t do was completely transform him into a fish— much less a lobster.

Speeding along in his wake, hundreds of copycat companies have since attempted this formidable task. Riding Cousteau’s underwater coattails, many of their modern inventions are conveniently designed to help modern day aqua-men catch delicious creatures of the sea. Products like pointy spear guns, blindingly-high-powered light systems, and dangerous bang sticks loaded with magnum shotgun shells—yes indeed, all these inventions owe their existence to the father of modern scuba and one of the world’s most celebrated conservationists.

However, what Cousteau never perfected was catching lobster—he didn’t have to. Caught with ease from time immemorial, the world’s supply of lobsters was still a thriving mass of spiny bugs when Cousteau sat at the helm of his research ship Calypso.

The most advanced tool for catching them? A simple kitchen mop thrust in a lobster hidey-hole and twirled around to tangle up the tiny, spiny beasts. * Fast forward 50 years, and you’ll now find a terrifying array of technological tools designed to help capture these tricky crustaceans with speed, voracity, and the efficiency of a surly, French sea captain on steroids.

In other words, Cousteau’s legacy still carries on.

In honor of the great inventor turned explorer, and just in time for lobster mini season, we profile a number of new products geared toward catching the spiny lobster— a creature known as Langouste en Francais.

Aqualung Mikron regulator
Introducing the Mikron — the smallest and lightest weight regulator on the market today. Made by Cousteau’s company, Aqualung, the Mikron weighs in at just 26 oz. and is specifically designed for traveling lobster divers who need the extra space while on the move. Even more amazing is that performance is not sacrificed by the extreme compactness of the handsome regulator. The balanced first and second stages produce exceptional breathing performance and include 1 HP, and 4 MP ports. The small size and light weight also equal reduced jaw fatigue when spending long periods of time underwater in pursuit of dinner.

Evo Kevlar dive gloves
Built with both bullet-stopping technology and high fashion in mind, Evo’s Kevlar lobster gauntlets are sure to prevent the puncture wounds from everyone’s favorite tiny, spiny lobsters. Divers will soon realized the value of these unique pieces of underwater armor when confronted with a fat, juicy lobster retreating into a fortress of Florida Keys fire coral.

Mares Volo fins
Want lobster? You must act quickly young grasshopper, and you first need legs of steel— or perhaps just really good fins.

The Mares Volo is the only fin in the world to boast 8 patents, and that means they’re fast. With Volo, your dives will also be more comfortable and last longer, thanks to the increased thrust which results in reduced air consumption with an easy kick.

According to the company, the OPB System (Optimized Pivoting Blade) patented by Mares, ensures that the blade is always at an optimal angle during both the upward and downward strokes, thus considerably increasing efficiency. However, we wish they came with an “ACC” system (stands for automated crustacean capture).

SeaQuest Pro QD BCDA top end, jacket style BCD designed by the folks at Aqualung, the Pro QD is every lobster warrior’s dream. If simple Kevlar gloves can be medieval gauntlets, think of this BCD as your underwater suit of armor. The Pro QD holds up to 65 pounds of lead in its Surelock weight system, includes two zippered gear pockets, two emergency pull-dumps for venting air, Plus, it’s actually made of Armorshield™ Cordura®, and doubles as effective prison riot gear.

“The Equalizer” lobster snare
Focused on the ever-expanding envelope of man’s underwater predatory capabilities, the inventors of “The Equalizer” actually created a spring-loaded machine that rapidly snaps up lobster tails like a hungry CEO eating lunch on the company dollar. In other words, the new invention may seem slightly unfair, but think about it— you’ve worked hard to get underwater in the Florida Keys! Don’t you truly deserve to mercilessly pillage your limit of lobsters for the buffet table? Yes you do, yes you do.

Suuto D9 computer

Suunto’s top-of-the-line D9 wrist-top computer is probably the best niche dive watch money can buy. Combining the best features of traditional, wrist-top computers and advanced dive watches, the D9 includes Suunto’s safe and customizable RGBM profiles, full Nitrox capabilities, transceiver-based air integration— and even a digital compass so you don’t get lost. Because it looks just slightly oversized, you’ll wear it both underwater and on land. A safety boon for the focused lobster hunter, the D9’s numerous, user-friendly depth and time alarms are also instrumental in helping divers avoid decompression sickness and rise to the surface when the time is right.

* Note: this practice is now highly illegal.


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