Hog Roast and 100 Pounds of Pork Butts at Schooner Wharf

This coming Friday the Harley-riders will roll into town— with an appetite. The Schooner Wharf is hosting the annual Welcome Hog Roast. We grabbed the swine by the tail to find out what exactly is entailed when roasting a hog in the Southernmost City.

“The hog comes from Gordon Food Store. Nobody eats it. We would like them to eat it, but they see the head, the head is on, everybody’s scared to pick at it.”

Ricky Barnes is the kitchen manager at Schooner Wharf who primps the porker. 15 – 20 pounds of pig. He seasons the swine with some secret spices and rubs the boar down. Only, no one eats the oinker…?

These gals and girls who road in on their hogs, customs, and heritage classic soft tails, are deterred by the beast’s head, ears, and tail!

According to www.dictionary.com a Hog is 120 pounds, and ready for market. A Pig is immature and weighs less.

  From the hunter, charcoal king, and investor to the Weekly Newspapers George Koler, if you’re going to throw meat, pork, or poultry of any kind over the coals, encourages your crowd to eat up!

“I don’t know I roast one every summer almost. After our wedding, we had everyone over for a pig roast, and then to celebrate your mom being pregnant… after your brother graduated from college… when I retired. They don’t eat the pig? Hmmm I would assume they’d be hungry after riding those hogs. Someone needs to tear an ear off and lead the way!”

Barnes laughs, and points to the fact that he does a pork butt stew, yellow rice, and beans and there’ never a morsel left!

“They must like it, because every year we sell out! They come every year so I must be doing something right!”

We just need to convince the crowd, this porker is the perfect main dish, no matter how you rolled onto the island… that is unless you’re competing on stage in the Burlesque and Bikini Show!


Schooner Wharf Bar’s kitchen manager, Ricky Barnes (middle) admits his favorite week of the year is Key West Bike Week! “I’m from a small island, St. Croix. I had never seen more than two motorcycles at a time!” He’s pictured with Gean Joseph (right) and Gean Venus (left). 



Hog roast
Schooner Wharf Hog Roast
Friday, September 17, 5 pm

• 15 – 20 Pound Pig
• Cooked over the Schooner Wharf Grill
• Oinker Acts as Decoration
• Everyone on the Island’s Invited to the Sold Out Hog Roast!


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