Friends and family celebrate Nancy Pratt’s life

Friends and family celebrate Nancy Pratt’s life

A collection of snapshots and a notebook for people to share memories and condolences were part of the celebration of life for bartender Nancy Pratt Tuesday evening at The Brass Monkey.

Mara Pratt said the tall, boisterous woman from South Carolina had been in her life since she was 9 years old., and the now 22-year-old Virginia tech student said she couldn’t have chosen a better woman to be her stepmother.

Brass Monkey owner Judy Sorenson and her staff hosted family, friends and customers of Nancy Pratt Tuesday afternoon at the bar in a celebration of her life following a tragic house fire last week. The potluck dinner and gorgeous flowers placed around the bar gave everyone a place to come and grieve for the husband Nancy left behind, the love of her life, Ernie Pratt.

“She always used to say, ‘I love my husband’,” Mara said in an exaggerated Southern accent as a smile spread across her face.

Fellow bar employees were wearing safety pins with a dime attached to celebrate Nancy’s sense of humor and shining example of her relationship with her husband.

“She used to wear this everyday and tell everybody it was her ‘dime in pin’,” explained JJ Starr.

Brass Monkey owner Judy Sorenson and her staff all wore dimes pierced with safety pins attached to their shirts. “She used to wear one every day and say, ‘This is my dime in pin’,” explained fellow employee JJ Starr.

Through tears, patrons sporadically stepped up to the microphone on stage to share their memories of Nancy and let Ernie know they were all here for him. A guest book at the door also gave people the opportunity to share their thoughts and condolences for the life that was taken far too soon, and a collection of photos reminded everyone of her warm smile and sense of humor.

“Nancy had only worked her for about five years, but she just fit in so well, it seemed like forever,” Sorenson noted. “You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody that had a problem with her.”

On April 14, Ernie and Nancy Pratt’s home on Westward Ho Lane was engulfed in flames shortly after midnight. The State Fire Marshall responded to the home and will be investigating the cause of the deadly blaze.

A memorial fund has been established at Centennial Bank that will gladly accept donations at all three Marathon branches.

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