Neighbor of the Week

Frosty the Snowman

By Drew Dinan

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with one the Florida Keys’ most entertaining and certainly most pigmentally challenged residents- Frosty the Snowman. In this rare interview Frosty opens up about everything from adjusting to life in the Keys, to playing pool with Santa Claus.

Weekly Newspapers (WN): What brought you to the Florida Keys?

Frosty: Well it certainly wasn’t the weather. It’s too warm here, ha ha. Actually, I think the constant grey skies up North were starting to get to me. I wanted a change of scenery and I always dreamed of living by the water. That and I love to fish. So naturally this was where I wanted to be.

WN: Did you have difficulty adjusting to the climate?

Frosty: It was very tough.  At first I was afraid to even go outside for fear I was going to melt.  There isn’t a beer cooler on Duval Street that I haven’t spent the night in. Eventually I learned my limitations with the heat and now I’m able to lead a pretty normal life.

WN: What do you like most about the Keys?

Frosty: Definitely the girls in bikinis. Where I come from they all wore winter coats.

WN: Keep it in your snow Frosty. Frosty laughs.

WN: Who has been your biggest influence?

Frosty: I’d have to say my father. He taught me how to act like a snowman; not a snow child. Santa Claus has also inspired me. It’s truly amazing how one man can bring so much joy to so many people. He’s an incredible guy. Heck of a pool player too.

WN: Who wins in pool between you two?

Frosty: Most of the time I can beat him. He has trouble on the long shots because his belly gets in the way. Don’t tell him I said that, ha ha. It’s not really fair though because I don’t even need a pool cue. I just chalk up my finger and I’m good to go.

WN: What’s your biggest fear?

Frosty: I’ll tell you what, back when gas prices were hovering around four dollars a gallon I thought people were going to steal my eye balls and try and use them for fuel. That was pretty scary. Frosty chuckles. In all seriousness though, I’d say my biggest fear is melting away without having any snow babies of my own.

WN: Any plans to have a little ball of snow in the near future?

Frosty: Not any time soon. I haven’t found the right snowwoman yet. Then again, the Brass Monkey in Marathon probably isn’t the best place to be looking.

WN: After playing yourself in the classic children’s film- Frosty the Snowman, you vowed that you would never act again. Does this still hold true?

Frosty: Unless an opportunity comes along to do a role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, I’d have to say my acting career is pretty much over. I’m not the Hollywood type. Plus I just finished writing my third book, How to be a More Solid Snowperson, and I’m about to get started on my new novel.

WN: I read your autobiography Give me back my Carrot: The Frosty the Snowman Story, and I am truly amazed at the number of life adventures you’ve had. What would you say has been your most exciting experience?

Frosty: Probably reaching the summit of K2. I’m the first snowperson ever to climb a mountain that high. Next year I’m going to try Everest.

WN: What’s it like having a song written about you?

Frosty: It’s incredible really. When I first heard Gene Autry sing Frosty the Snowman back in 1950, my coals watered. It’s really a beautiful song. At first I was a little apprehensive about having my whole life story played out for everyone to hear, but then I was like, you know, this is a real opportunity. Plus Rudolph had the song written about him years before that, and he told me not to be embarrassed. I do hate the whole “thumpetty thump,” parts though. I don’t sound like that when I run.

WN: Do you still talk with Rudolph much?

Frosty: Not as much as I’d like to, it costs a lot of money to call the North Pole these days. We do try and get out to Vegas once a year together though, depending on the weather. If they get a nice cold front we try and sneak out for a weekend.

WN: Vegas huh, what’s your game?

Frosty: Definitely craps. I love to play craps. Rudolph is a cards deer. He’ll play Caribbean Stud Poker all night if you let him.

WN: You mentioned earlier that you like to fish. What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught?

Frosty: I caught a 700-pound blue marlin in the Bahamas. That’s my biggest. My most prized catch was the 15-pound bonefish I caught in Islamorada last fall on fly.

WN: What advice do you have for the children of the Keys?

Frosty: Just be yourself and have as much fun as you possibly can. Life is too short to not have a jolly happy soul. That and if you find any more of those magic silk hats I’d really appreciate it if you could bring me one. I’d pay top dollar for another one of those. Frosty laughs.

WN: Anything else you want to add?

Frosty: I’d just like to wish everyone in the Florida Keys a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Oh, and don’t forget to buy my books. They make great stocking stuffers.

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