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Hurricane Irma claimed about 1,000 mobile homes, the Keys’ previous answer to affordable housing. Many single-family, ground level homes weren’t spared either. With those wiped out, the Keys are struggling to find the right dwelling to replace those — some combination of affordable, “tiny,” and hurricane-resistant. This is the third in a series of features about what’s available.

Green Dwellings

The solid construction of steel and concrete with high impact windows and doors meets the highest Miami/Dade, Exposure D, 200 mph hurricane standards. All homes are LEED Platinum certifiable.

Designed for the tropics, these homes are built in a controlled Florida factory setting over a three-month period and installed in one day on pilings or grade foundation. They are delivered 90 percent complete and welded to the foundation that day.

With designs from 1 to 4 bedrooms, Green Dwellings employs the most innovative, state-of-the-art energy-saving techniques and appliances. They are healthy too. All materials are free of toxic gases. Steel and concrete are resistant to mold and termites — another big plus.

The solar hot water and electric package, with an optional battery, takes you off the grid, using no generators or fossil fuels. There is nothing else on the market like a Green Dwellings House. 

Green Dwellings West Palm Beach Florida
Model: Breeze 1
Square Footage: 716 sq. ft. including loft
Layout: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Great room with 12-foot ceilings
Turnkey price: $169,000
Backlog: 3 months
Shell assembly time: arrives 90 percent finished on day one. Connection to sewer line and electric grid required.
Years in business: 4

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