Hall’s Diving settles nicely in new location

Hall’s Diving settles nicely in new location

Bob Brayman was the son of a traveling salesman, and when he eventually wandered down to the Florida Keys, the long-aspiring diver clearly learned a thing or two from his father’s years of hard work.

He landed a gig at Hall’s Camp (now the site of The Hammocks) where the bait and tackle shop included a minimal diving equipment section. Brayman recalled working deals with “vendors” – guys who would drive up and down the Keys unloading their station wagons of masks, fins and snorkels – in order to keep the shelves appearing fully stocked.

Pictured at their new location at 5050 Overseas Highway in Marathon are Hall’s Diving Center owner Bob Brayman, assistant Sherry Bailey, General Manager Randy Botteri and Open Water Instructor Matt Murphy.

“Whenever someone bought something, I’d offer to assemble their equipment for them and then take the empty container and put it back on the shelf,” he laughed. “I couldn’t let it look like we had no merchandise!”

Brayman revived the shop’s sad reputation, maintained the name of the business and eventually secured a partnership.

Shortly thereafter in 1978, Bob Brayman’s International Diving Career Institute at Hall’s was born out of necessity.

He quickly discovered that hiring a certified diver was not enough to run an entire outfit.

“Trained divers have no idea how to translate their skills and make sure customers are comfortable in the water,” Brayman noted. “So, I’d hire people with dive certifications and retrain them to my standards.”

From operating and maintenance on the dive boat to shooting and editing underwater photography as well as retail sales and management, Brayman wrote all the core instruction materials that produces a well-rounded pool of workers for cruise lines, dive resorts, schools, stores, businesses and private contractors around the globe.

The Institute uses an exclusive copyrighted learning system that by design makes learning easier and more thorough. Brayman wrote and assembled his instructional information of textbooks, videos and booklets because he believed industry information was either lacking or too complicated for the average person to understand.

Enrollment at the Institute also includes a 100 percent job placement record around the globe.

“Our graduates really shine to employers after completing our program,” Brayman noted.

Capt. Jorge Rodriguez and Dive Instructor Mark Kwiatkowski prepare Institute students John Daley, Elliot Perry, Travis Danley and Stefan Ray for a day on the water.

After purchasing the space at 5050 Overseas Highway, most recently occupied by World Class Angler Bait & Tackle, in Marathon late last year, Hall’s now includes a spacious retail space as well as expansive classroom areas to continue the Institute’s mission. He’s also waiting for BP claim money to install a full size pool for training in the rear of his facility.

“I finally bought my own building in order to fully secure my business,” he concluded.

To learn more about the Career Institute or schedule your next dive, visit www.hallsdiving.com.


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  1. Dena Minor  September 14, 2011 at 3:02 pm


    Thanks again for the support and compassion you and your staff extended to us on our recent trip to your end of the US.  Renita would have been pleased.  Unfortunately, my dad (who is also suffering from terminal cancer) was in extreme pain from the blood clots he has in his leg.  We had to leave sooner than expected.  Once again, thanks for making us feel so welcome.  It was an honor to have met you and hope we can meet again, someday under better circumstances. 

    Dena (the youngest/biggest of Renita’s sisters)


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