HGTV on location in Upper Keys

HGTV on location in Upper Keys

Keys homes showcased for Canadian television

Just as snowbirds like to head south from frigid winter climes, so do Canadian-based production companies filming shows for HGTV.

Natalia Boblitt, owner/broker of Shoreline Properties in Tavernier co-hosted and showcased multiple properties across Key Largo and Plantation Key last week for a show called “Live Here, Buy This.”

The premise of the show, Boblitt explained, is to take viewers on an armchair tour of the world and showcase properties for sale equivalent in value to that of their current home.

“It’s basically a fantasy show that compares the value of their home in Canada to a comparably-based property in their desired location – in this case, the Florida Keys,” Boblitt elaborated.

Shoreline Properties agent Karol Marsden (right) spoke with “Live Here, Buy This” host Vivianne Collins at 138 Red Wing on Plantation Key last week during the filming of a fantasy real estate series for HGTV.

With Shoreline’s intensive Internet marketing, Boblitt said she was sought out last year to help film “Bang For Your Buck.” The auditioning and essays required too much time away from work, so she passed the option on to agent Karol Marsden, who made it all the way to the final round of filming.

“The production crew instead chose an agent in Key West, but they kept our information in their database,” she continued. “So, when they contacted us this year, I said, ‘we’re in!’”

JV Productions, the company that also films and produces both “Selling New York” and “Selling L.A.”

“Live Here, Buy This” Director Misty Tyson said after filming properties across South Florida, she was in love with the Keys lifestyle.

“Tee shirts and flip flops all the time…the Keys are so different than the rest of Florida,” Tyson exclaimed.

Tyson and her crew have been on location across the globe for the past four weeks straight, only two days of which they were not filming.

So, how do they find solace while on the road?

“Really good food!” she confessed. “Whether it’s a dive or not, we are always on the hunt for a great local restaurant.”

The crew was completely blown away by the five bedroom, five bath home on Plantation Key last Wednesday.

“This is such a juxtaposition against a home we just shot in Holland where all the bedrooms had blonde-wood beds, white walls and simple curtains,” Tyson elaborated. “Every room in this house has so much character. This house, with the state of the art indoor and outdoor kitchens and guest house, is the ultimate in entertaining.”

When asked whether or not she feared the crew would potentially succumb to Keys Disease, Tyson said she didn’t suspect that would fly as a plausible excuse were they to return with no footage.

The show is slated to air on HGTV Canada in January 2012.


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