The 5th annual Holiday Isle Ho Down and Lobster Fest is adding a seasonal touch this year. T.J. Hayes, is incorporating “Lobster Fest” to the entertainment menu.

“The bugs are going to be cooked to perfection at our waterfront raw bar,” Hayes shares the Holiday vision. “Then you have your choice of two sides either red beans and rice, French Fries, or Coleslaw.”

For ten bucks! A $100 bar tab prize will be given away to the person ready to party after catching the largest lobster. Last year the winner tipped the scale at 5 pounds ¼ ounces!

Hayes tells The Weekly Newspapers he began envisioning the event after folks showing up at his other must-attend-event, the Holiday Isle Pimp and Ho Party, began asking if he was having a lobster contest. So, he added it to his country-themed, red-necked summer extravaganza! Where Daisy Dukes, tank tops and boots are proper partying attire.

This is a country party. Girls come in their Daisy Dukes to compete for $1,000 in cash. The come with their hair in pigtails, high heels, or boots. Go country,” Hayes advises newbies

The Jason Duncan Band will be belting out familiar country music so revelers can line dance, or ride the bull!

“People just like to ride it,” Hayes tells it like he sees it. “And they like to see people ride it. We get a lot of cowboys from other areas. And of course cowgirls. The girls like to get on there and ride it.”

The gates open at 8 pm. The ladies will start struttin’ it out for the Daisy Duke Contest at 11 pm. Wear your most comfy cow kickin’ footwear. The merrymaking usually doesn’t die down ‘til 3 am. Or, when the Holiday Isle runs out of liquid gold.

“That probably won’t happen,” T.J. laughs. “We have a semi-truck full of butter on hand! Come let out your inner redneck!”

Sidebar: The V.I.P. Treatment
Cowboys, and cowgirls can pick up wristbands at Eye Catchers Signs or City Hall Café (MM 88.5 Oceanside) for admittance into the V.I.P. suite where there’s another DJ, private bar, and air conditioning!





“Everyone loves to ride the mechanical bull,” says party planner T.J. Hayes. “The contraption draws cowboys from all around the area, including the mainland! This was taken at last year’s shindig, but this year we’re throwing a Lobster Fest into the country mix!”

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