Wow, the Hurricane celebrates another of what must be many, many types of anniversaries. Congratulations to everyone who works so hard for our pleasure at that fine establishment.

One might surmise that a short congratulatory paragraph at the beginning of what is ostensibly a financial column would be appropriate recognition of the hallowed saloon’s anniversary. But you would be wrong.

First of all, any writer worth his or her salt (insert any spice here as we are discussing a fine eatery as well) would be cast out of any group that would have him, if he passed up an opportunity to discuss a traditional watering hole and the libations therein.

Second, and maybe more importantly, the Hurricane shows itself to be a savvy fiscal operator. We need look no further than one of the Middle Keys most popular events…..Wing Night, to see the veracity of that declaration! Take note, young entrepreneurs, especially those longing to make it big in the restaurant biz; hot wings, cold beer (soda for the myriad young folk who attend and water for those so cheap that even 25 cent wings elicit a tortured squeal) and good company make for a wonderful night out.

Taco Tuesday is another example of the Hurricane’s financial wizardry. Couple the economical pricing of the gustatory faire with the equally sensible recompense for their fine beer and ale and you have the makings of another fine night on the town. You’ll even wake up with some sheckles left in your pocket.

Maintaining our parsimonious approach, the music at the Hurricane is wonderful, eclectic, and sometimes weird, but there’s nary a cover a charge to be seen! What could be better than that? Maybe the fact that merrymakers of all ages enjoy dancing the night away before heading off into the night to that OTHER traditional watering hole. To be fair, not all the merrymakers actually dance. They are clearly on the dance floor, and they are certainly moving around, but it would be most munificent of us to call what they do “dancing.”

Is it any wonder they’re celebrating five years of operation. What a testament to the simple concept of giving customers good food, good service, and great drinks at a fair price. It aint rocket science.

Congratulations to the Hurricane! I hope to write a column about the tenth and twentieth anniversaries as well. 

Man, That’s a Bad Haircut!
When your banker uses terms like cram-down or haircut; watch out! With the inevitable pull of gravity, the problems of larger banks and investment houses are reaching down into regional and small banks. If you currently have a Home Equity Line of Credit you may find your bank, big or small, restricting your access to it by lowering the available balance. 

Property values have decreased and banks with loans that may already exceed the value of the property are seeking to limit their exposure, and justifiably so.

What can you do? Not much. The same thing is happening to available balances on credit cards. If you suddenly notice your credit card limit is being reduced, or your interest rate is rising, it could mean your credit score has dropped for some reason. Credit Card companies are quick to cut you off if they think you’re headed for trouble.

Keep a close eye on all your debt and available credit. Managing it and maintaining it is important in these tough times. Keep a close watch on your credit score as well. Keeping your score up is the key to obtaining credit with good rates.





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