Join First State Bank for Bike to Work Week

Join First State Bank for Bike to Work Week

First State Bank of the Florida Keys urges everyone participate in National Bike Month by to biking to work for fun and fitness while helping the Keys on Bike to Work Day Friday, May 20th.


Pictured: First State Bank of the Florida Keys’ employees urges everyone to bike to work for fun, fitness and/or transportation to help the Keys environment in honor of National Bike Month and Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 20th. L-R: First State Bank Retail Business Analyst/Training Officer Jacqueline Luhta, Credit Analyst Jana Kosova, Credit Analyst II Shane Briening, Loan Closing Officer Jen Fish, “JC” Janice Clarissa, Residential Sales Manager Brian Kelly, Public Relations Coordinator Annie Hamer and Loan Administration Officer/Commercial & Consumer Credit Manager Michael Monroe.



“As the Keys Green Bank, we encourage everyone to decrease their footprint on the environment by riding their bikes to work on Friday the 20th,” said Don Lanman, First State Bank Senior Vice President and Marketing Director.

“Biking to work is an efficient and fun way to get the exercise you need, without having to find extra time to work out,” said Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists. “This year, with gasoline prices as high as they are, biking to work makes more sense than ever.”



These tips that will help you enjoy biking to work:

• Conduct a safety inspection with your local bike shop

• Always wear a helmet

• Ride in the right-most lane of the direction that you’re traveling

• Obey stop signs, traffic lights and lane markings

• Look before changing lanes, signal turns; indicate your intention, then act

• Be visible and predictable; wear bright clothing and signal turns



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