Photos by Josie Koler

Bahama Village’s Cheslon Mingo isn’t about to mess with his dress. Not when he hits Conch Island and the Lazy Gecko on any given night in paradise after his day working security detail at the community pool.

  “I’m just dropping off a white polo shirt,” he shares with the Key West Weekly. “It just has the cologne smell and it’s a little dirty.”

“He could have it back this evening, if he’d brought it in today,” owner Albert Oybek tells us. “This is same-day service!”

Oybek sold his soul to the sultans of clean back in 2005. He is the same guy behind the unsullied success of Margaret and Truman Drop Off Laundry, and boats of five generations of dry cleaners in his family. His grandfather ran a service in NYC and Albert is securing the spotless side of the garment business in the Southernmost City!

  “This is moving us into the residential and hotel aspect of dry cleaning. Islanders need same-day service. They need to look sharp when they hit the events. I’m letting people know that after six o’clock you can still find a dry cleaners open.”

Peggy Russell has a laundry-list of clients who can’t be let down. She’s the owner of Destination Wedding Studio in Key West, and has been in the biz of banking on nuptials for five years and knows most of her brides are from a far-off place, opting for destination weddings. The decision requires shipping their dresses, which often arrive less than pristine to parade down the aisle. This month she’s started using Old Town’s newest neighbor on the corner of Truman and Simonton, Spotless Dry Cleaners citing their convenient hours and competitive pricing.

“The wedding day is the bride’s most important day of her life. The event is ruined if the dress is wrinkly or soiled. This is nice to have someone in the business who’s established and I’m able to take the dresses to.”

And environmentally-friendly. Just in time for Eco-Week, Spotless Dry Cleaning is cleaning clothes with green, non-chemical, biodegradable products. Most laundry services are sold on the power of petroleum, which has a faint, unappealing smell, is in contact with your skin, and is harmful to the environment. Albert is anxious to do his part when pressing your pants the cleaning products don’t wind up part of the global problem.

“I use all green, non-chemical cleaning agents and biodegradable products. This is better for the environment and your skin. All the equipment is state-of-the-art and energy efficient and uses 100% steam.”

The location is centrally located and new patrons like Mingo like that.

“It’s better and closer within walking distance to where I live.”
Spotless Dry Cleaners employs four, full-time people. They’ll accept any garment from Fantasy Fest costumes to wedding dresses and is located on the corner of Truman and Simonton next to CVS drugstore. Hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday from 9 am – 8 pm and Sunday from 9 am – 6 pm. Valet-service is available.


Spotless Dry leaners owner Albert Oybek. “Everybody kept asking me to open a cleaners. Nobody can do a better job!”




Cheslon Mingo has lived in Key West for 20 years. He’ll pay $4 to make sure his Polo is perfectly pressed within hours of heading out on Duval.



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