Tom Milone
District I Candidate

If elected, I will work hard for the greater good of the entire community, not special interests. I am retired and will devote full time to the position.  I am independent and straightforward. I do not have a job or business, which special interests can harm if I do not vote their way.

I have not had the opportunity to serve on the commission. My opponent served twenty years during which time almost all the issues we are discussing developed and festered. What can he do now which he could not have done during his twenty years on the commission?Tom Milone



Jimmy Weekley
District I Candidate

Tom and I do not differ greatly in our positions on most issues. His main argument against me is that I’ve held office in the past. I actually believe that is exactly what makes me the better candidate. In the years I spent as both commissioner and mayor, I addressed and moved forward such items as our near shore water issues by doing a city wide replacement of sewer lines and building our first sewer treatment plant, brought in our first recycle program, created residential parking in Old Town, and led a successful clean city program. On these issues, unlike Tom, I have proposed comprehensive solutions. My record is public and available to anyone. Jimmy Weekly



Billy Wardlow
District III Candidate

I’m Billy Wardlow your candidate for District 3 Commissioner. I retired 3years ago from the Key West Fire Department, after serving 30 years of dedication and proven leadership. This wonderful city gave family and me a lot to appreciate, and now I feel it’s time to give back. I am devoted to my community and city, helping in many aspects of government. I have enjoyed talking with members of the community and forum for ideas and suggestion in helping my district, and all the districts in the city to become a better island for all our residents and visitors. In closing, I would like to thank my wife Debbie, my son and daughter, my family, and all my old and new friends for there support during my campaign.Billy Wardlow



Tom Lavender
District III Candidate

If elected I promise devote full time to the City of Key West. There is a great amount of information that needs to be studied and researched before meetings.

Our elections systems seems strange to me that I will be voting on items that affect the entire city, but only 1/6th of the voting population gets to vote for me. It would be better for the city, if the commissioner were to represent a district as it is now but be voted on by the entire voting population! There will be a realignment of the districts in the future and maybe at that time the city will consider changing the law to include voters city wide not just the districts. Tom Lavender



Clayton Lopez (I)
District VI Candidate

Eight calls to the home and cell phone of Clayton Lopez were not returned.Clayton Perez




James Marquardt
District VI Candidate

I will BE RESPONSIVE to the needs and issues of our Community.

Since I VALUE YOUR INPUT, I will hold DISTRICT 6 FORUMS, open to everyone, on the first Monday of each month, 5pm Square One Restaurant.

The people need a Commissioner that is FAIR and OPEN TO EVERYONE. I will be ACCESSABLE to you at any time.

I will INVOLVE the entire Community through Job Training Programs and Resources for Employment.

I will PROMOTE SAFETY on the streets with increased Foot and Bike Patrols.

Please join me and Be a Part of Positive Change!
James Marquardt

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