Story by Kristin Hansen

It’s Tuesday night and you want to watch the beautiful Key West sunset, enjoy a cool drink and enjoy the freshest shrimp for a great price…hmm, where to go, where to go! Located at Zero Duval adjacent to the infamous Mallory Square is Sunset Pier. “The Pier” is known for many things: excellent entertainment, breathtaking views, intoxicating drinks and NOW in the summer months, “Shrimp Night!”

In its second year, Executive Chef, Tim Labonte, steams the freshest shrimp on the island! He let us in on the secret recipe that draws oh’ so many locals in on Tuesday nights!

“H20… just kidding! I steam the shrimp in: beer, old bay seasoning, fresh thyme, onion, lemon wedges, and a whole lot of love,” the Maine native joked with the Keys West Weekly. A Johnson & Wales graduate, located in Providence, Rhode Island, Tim has been the Executive Chef for 2 ½ years. His skills and personality benefit Hot Tin Roof, Sunset Pier and any banquets they might be hosting.

“This is the time of the year where I can actually be on the pier. We’re serving a ½ pound on each plate along with corn on the cob and coleslaw. We go through almost 250 pounds of shrimp,” Tim expresses.

Though they try not to run out, it’s almost inevitable. For $6.99, excellent drink specials, and a perfect view of the sunset, The Pier is packed by 7 pm.

Where do they get their shrimp? Located in Stock Island, local fishery, FISHBUSTERZ provides Sunset Pier with their Key West Pinks. As the sunset cruises are heading out, these local fishermen are coming in to drop off fresh, fresh shrimp. Interesting enough, FISHBUSTERZ docks used to house thousands of shrimp boats and ferry boats that traveled to Cuba.

If you’ve visited Sunset Pier before you know they have great entertainment. Starting June 8 from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm, you’ll hear great sounds from different bands. Their always friendly and efficient staff will be there to take great care of you. Grab a $5 Margarita, McWilliams Chardonnay, 20-ounce Landshark draft, or a $15 Bud Light Lime Bucket.

Visitors, fellow service industry workers, fisherman…you will see everyone at the pier on Tuesday nights and I don’t believe it will be hard to say that more than one person will go back for seconds.

“The shrimp is delicious. I love the pier and it’s a great place for me to go and hang with friends and eat great food for a couple of hours before or after work, local server Ashley Kelly says about the spectacular.

“All of the locals and familiar faces every week make it a great night to work. It’s an excellent venue for it with the sunset and the band. And you can’t beat the prices,” Sunset Pier bartender, Andy Yeager reminds us.

Come out to the pier every Tuesday for shrimp night! You’re sure to see people you know and have great food and service. You can check out their entertainment schedule in the Weekly Newspapers or online at



SHRIMP NIGHT (Photo by Ocean Key Resort)
Fresh caught, local Key West Pinks served steamed to many! Enjoy them with corn on the cob and homemade coleslaw. 













CHEF (photo by Kristin Hansen)
Executive Chef Tim Labonte runs the kitchens for Sunset Pier and Hot Tin Roof. You can find him on the Pier Tuesday evenings steaming your shrim





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