The crustacean carnival continues! Islanders, mainland lobster monsters, and out-of-state seafood lovers headed to Duval Street to pull those tails out of their salty shells and savor one of the most satisfying meals north of Cuba. Plus, with Chris Shultz’s new wine bar, The Porch, situated right off Duval where you can bring your food from anywhere and buy a bottle of wine or beer to share with your friends, this year proved to be one lobster libation worth lickin’ your fingers for.


The McVeighs
“We went running this morning, now we can chow down,” Cindy McVeigh confirmed. She’s pictured with her hubby Roger, who is still turning heads with his cropped locks.



“S” to the Zot! Even if there’s not a planned party, you know one is about to get underway when Maryland’s pharmaceutical king arrives on the island. Wally Szot came with his daughter Diana in tow. She shopped for swimwear and hit the pool while he high-tailed it to Bagatelle’s booth for Lobster Tempura on a stick. “I prescribe people—move here,” Wally proclaimed. “This place is great!”



The bag
The Bag booth on Duval, swamped at lunchtime, was out of tails by 9:30 pm! 



Fashionista Chelsea Wells arrived back on the island from a visit to NY just in time to represent the restaurant scene with flair. 



Hmmm… A First State Bank coozie, a Phillies ballcap and back pack. Under those shades is— Shane wit his northern buddy, Greg Wright, joining him.



Another coozie, another backpack! The other half rolling with Shane and company is Greg’s sister Kate Wright and Shane Breining’s shining PR star, Annie Hamer.



“I’m Chris’s sister!” Jane Schultz did a stellar job manning the bar at The Porch where locals packed the newest watering hole to indulge in tails, tales, wine, and beer. “She looks just like him,” patrons were overheard exclaiming. “A gorgeous version of the unmistakable, very tall writer, actor, author, and now entrepreneur!” Interestingly, she’s married and her new last name remains Schultz, but with a “c”…



Experiencing his first trip to the Southernmost City, Marine veteran, and Bowling Green State University student, David Eoff tore into his tail on The Porch after picking out a bottle of wine with which to wash it down. “I could get used to this,” he mentioned in awe at the flurry of Florida Spiny Tail.




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