Locals relish in historic rides

Locals relish in historic rides

Parker Konrath received the ultimate 8th birthday gift from his dad – a ride aboard the B-24 Liberator “Witchcraft” WWII Heavy Bomber.

Parker Konrath got the ultimate birthday present from his dad, Greg, this week – a ride in the sole remaining B-24 WWII bomber.

The pair was touring three historic planes this week during the Wings of Freedom Tour organized by the Massachusetts-based Collings Foundation when the casual tour came to an abrupt end as the volunteer crew prepared for the final flight of the day.

“They happened to have a couple seats left on the B-24, and seeing as his birthday was coming up this weekend, we decided to take a ride,” Konrath explained. “He hasn’t stopped talking about it since!”

History buff Forrest Young said his ride in the P-51C Mustang “was absolutely amazing, and something I’ve always wanted to do before I shook off this mortal coil!”

He even had the opportunity to pilot the plane – if only for a few moments on a straight and steady course.

“I’d absolutely recommend it for anyone else should they ever have the opportunity, but would suggest taking a Dramamine first!” he confessed.

Forrest Young prepared for the flight of a lifetime aboard the P-51C Mustang “Betty Jane.”

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