Anton Angiulo
The Weekly Newspapers’ Neil Angiulo submitted his father’s poem, written in 1988, that encompasses all the up and downs of the roller coaster of fatherhood. Anton Angiulo, an Italian transplant from Long Island, NY, built his first home in Marathon in 1987. Now 90 years old, Anton has four children of whom Neil is the youngest.


What it means to be a Father
Anton M. Angiulo, June 19, 1988
The joy of the infant
The fear of the future
The first venturing step
The pain of their disappointment
The difficulty of informing
The fear of not doing enough
The fear of doing too much
The joy of their success
The concern for their happiness
The love that never ends
Being a father never ends
A privilege to enjoy


Pete and Jack Chapman
Our cover models loved spending as much time as possible on the water. Jack Chapman will celebrate his first birthday next month, and Pete said he plans to spend this Father’s Day either on or in the water.



Mike, Jack, and Ella Dunn
When he’s not caring for our favorite pets, Mike Dunn, DVM, spends his free time with Jack, 1.5, and Ella, 3, fishing from the dock behind their house, playing in the park at Sombrero Beach or swimming with dolphins at DRC with their mom.

“Mike works so hard all the time, so the less we do on Father’s Day, the happier he’ll be,” laughed Catherine, who said depending on the weather, they plan to spend the day staying cool in or on the water.



Father’s Day Vacation
After a busy week of summer sports and activities, Zack and Abby Franck will be celebrating Father’s Day with their dad Bruce during a sweet vacation at St. Augustine Beach.



First Father’s Day!
New daddy Dustin Huff loves reading Dr. Seuss books to his four-month old twins Taylor and Colton. After long days on the water as a flats fishing guide, he loves coming home to help mommy Maggi with feeding and baths before reading them bedtime stories.



Daddy’s Little Girl
Sean Kirwan spends a lot of time at Marathon Community Park cheering on and coaching his little athletes. Tuesday night, Grace was ready to show off her stuff on the soccer field. For Father’s Day, the pair will join brother Tommy and mom Heather for some certain fun in the sun.



Three Generations
Pictured, from left: Jay, Vincent (14), and Dody Massaro in front of the aptly named 3rd Generation Plumbing offices. If Vincent chooses to enter the family business, he would be the fourth Massaro to earn Master Plumber status. This weekend, the guys are playing in the Masons Golf Tournament at the Key Colony Beach Golf Course.



The Mastropietro Clan
Nunzio Mastropietro will be getting tons of love and affection this Sunday from his brood – and a top-secret gift from 11-year old Lexus. She and her sister, Nicole, 8, were joined by Michael, 12 and baby Brayden, 9 months, Tuesday night at the Community Park for the beginning of soccer league.



The Molinas
Father Frank and three year old Brianna were cheering on brother Gabriel, 6, Tuesday evening during Parks and Recreation’s Summer League Soccer opening night.



Ty and Tegan
This weekend marks Ty Price’s first Father’s Day. “It’s been better than expected,” he said. “And certainly has been an adventure.” His Conch, Tegan, was born last September. “We’ll probably just go to the sandbar or spend the day on the water,” the proud papa said. “Followed by a cookout, I’m sure.”



Soccer Stars
He loves soccer, Brazil, shipping, America, and most of all…his son. On Sunday, Arno Silva will celebrate Father’s Day on the beach with his son, Lucas, and a Brazilian win over Cote d’ Ivoire by drinking caipirinhas with his buddy, Jason.



Special Delivery
Town Square Mall’s affable mailman Trevor Wofsy will enjoy his first Father’s Day by sleeping in late. “It’s great,” he said of nine-month-old TJ. “We can put him in the bed between us, and he will happily watch cartoons for an hour.”




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