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Firefighters and EMS responders received the City of Marathon’s Fire/EMS Proclamation recognizing their service to the community from city council Tuesday evening.

After weeks of consulting with the state’s Department of Community Affairs, Marathon’s Planning Commission was realigned under a system where the each council member appoints a representative. Previously, Planning Commissioners had to apply and received three votes to earn a spot on the commission.

City attorney John Herin told the council he’d received word from DCA they were free to move forward with their appointments.

“I think we need to move ahead with this because there are issues out there that need to be addressed,” said Vice Mayor Mike Cinque.

During their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday evening at the Marathon Government Center, Councilman Dick Ramsay named Jim Tashjian; Councilman Rich Keating named Ralph Luciagno; Cinque named Morgan Hill; Councilman Pete Worthington named Marien Aran-Spinrad; and Mayor Ginger Snead appointed Dan Zigg.

In an effort to streamline the city’s beautification advisory committee and focus on a purpose, Snead asked the council to appoint representatives to the Community Image Advisory Board (CIAB). The new board will include Pink Gidseg, Peter Chapman, Michael Welber, Brit Myers and Linnea Cunningham.

In other business:
• The city council’s budget hearings are just around the corner, and Ramsay encouraged residents of the city to begin “thinking outside the box” with regards to what services the city could trim in lieu of raising taxes. He pointed to two areas of the budget – lighting at the Community Park and air conditioning at the fire station – that could be addressed immediately to trim costs.

“Every time I go to the fire station, I gotta wear a fur coat,” he chided. “I’ve been told the system’s broken and it’s been that way for a year and a half. Take notes about things in the community that are concerning you, no matter how silly them seem. Call us or email us.”

• Snead urged her fellow councilmen to be better prepared for City Manager Roger Hernstadt’s 180 day review.

“I sat up here last time [at the 90 day mark] and the manager review seemed haphazard when it came up on the agenda,” Snead said. “It was not productive. Let’s start looking at this now, how we’ll conduct the evaluation and make it constructive for all parties involved – our city, our manager and our residents.”

She continued that on the heels of budget season, Hernstadt’s contract criteria in place.

“You can’t grade somebody on ‘yea, he’s a great guy’ but rather, is he accomplishing the concrete goals we’re establishing for him,” she concluded.

The council set the city manager’s evaluation for the regularly scheduled June 22 meeting.





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