Maryland man nabbed with cornocopia of narcotics

Maryland man nabbed with cornocopia of narcotics
Deputy Jon Barry Huff (left) and Deputy Bradford Colen with drugs, cash and other items seized during a Sunday morning traffic stop.

MARATHON – Deputies in Marathon arrested a Maryland man Sunday morning on drug charges after a reckless driving complaint.

A woman called Sheriff’s dispatchers at 10:30 a.m. to report she was northbound following a white van which was driving erratically, crossing the center lane into oncoming traffic. She continued to update dispatchers as she and the van crossed the Seven Mile Bridge into Marathon. Deputy Jon Barry Huff was just north of the bridge. When the van passed his patrol car, he pulled in behind it. After observing the van cross the dividing line several times, he pulled it over near 53rd Street in Marathon.

The driver was identified as 25 year old Jesse Leese. There were four other people in the vehicle with him. An open bottle of rum was found behind the driver’s seat. Leese was initially given warnings for not staying in his lane, not carrying a current insurance card and for open container

Sgt. Dennis Coleman was on the scene assisting, along with Deputies Leon Bourcier and Bradford Colen. Sgt. Coleman asked Leese if he had any illegal substances in the van. Leese admitted to having marijuana, turning over to the deputies a mason jar half full of marijuana buds. He was then arrested for possession of marijuana. In his pockets, the deputies found Xanax packaged in 11 individual plastic bags, as if for sale. Leese also had $544 in cash in his pockets and his wallet.

A further search of the van turned up more Xanax in several different areas; Hash, Oxycodone, Methadone, Adderal and more marijuana. He currently faces multiple drug related charges. The cash and his van were seized for possible forfeiture.

One of the passengers, 42 year old Cerrina Norton of Key Largo, had marijuana in her possession. She was also arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

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