They bite boat captains and dive masters and are known as the green electric eel.

We are calling him “Amp.”

Earlier this week, we spotted one while diving the Thunderbolt and who better to conjure a fitting nickname than the man who once bestowed a 180-pound black Newfoundland with the moniker, “Snowflake.”

George Koler, father of the Weekly Newspapers financier and HVAC expert, initially suggested “Lightning.”

“I’m trying to think of something electric,” said the retired mechanic who just recently mastered the basic functions of his cellular telephone.

“Shocker, Watt, High Wire, Juice, Amperage,” he goes on… “Amp is a measure of how much electricity you’re using. Watt, that’s what you pay for. The measure of how much electricity you use.”

All information was acquired during his former Air Force days at a radar station in Fargo, North Dakota.

Then begins a rant about Tesla, the man who founded the AC current after Franklin and Edison did their inventions; pointing out in fact, one of the new electric cars is named Tesla, and he thinks the name is of Croatian origin….?

Isn’t that an old Nintendo video game?

And forget “Ohms,” how you measure voltage.

We’re abbreviating “Amperage,” and going with “Amp!”

  … “ok,” George says over the phone, “now I need a name for the baby hedgehog out in my backyard…How about Squiggy?”

green moray eel



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