Middle Keys Toastmasters Welcome New Executive Committee

Middle Keys Toastmasters Welcome New Executive Committee

This past year, the Middle Keys Toastmasters earned the Distinguished Club Award, an annual honor bestowed by Toastmasters International acknowledging the success of the group through the individual achievements of its members.

Continuing on the success of the past year, a new executive committee was inducted at the June 28 meeting held in Islamorada at Bentley’s Restaurant and Raw Bar.

Middle Keys Toastmasters meet every other Tuesday in Marathon and Tavernier. For more information on how to get in on the action, visit http://middlekeystoastmasters.org/ or call Hilary Badoian at (617) 910-0816.

The Middle Keys Toastmasters welcomed a new executive team including President Jack Thorley; VP of Education Pattie Childress; VP of Membership Judy Greenman; VP of Public Relations Hilary Badoian; Secretary Charlotte Quinn; Treasurer Derek Martin-Vegue and Sergeant at Arms Pete Wagner.

Amy Prumo and Hilary Badoian


Famous Toastmasters include actor Tim Allen; best-selling author Napolean Hill; former Boston Celtics coach K.C. Jones; MSNBC host Chris Matthews; 1997 Miss America Tara Dawn Holland Christensen; former U.S. astronaut; and Mrs. Fields Cookies founder Debbie Fields Rose.

The Middle Keys Toastmasters welcomed more than a dozen new members this year including Kelly Mangel, Hilary Badoian, Amy Prumo, Patti Childress, Ruth Schrader-Grace, Michelle Gilliland, Ginger Snead, Franklin Greenman, Melinda Van Fleet, Susan Hammaker, Peter Wagner, Charlotte Quinn, Cheryl King, Gail Gordon, Kathy Denworth, Charlene Sammis, Debra Walker and Laurie Scanlon.

Susana May, Denise Nedimyer, Charlotte Quinn and Holly Merrill Raschien

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