At this month’s Key West Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Pam Kessler and Lisa Wright shared with the island business community highlights from their recent conference in Sarasota: Middle Schools in the Digital Age. Wright, an advanced academic teacher for grades sixth, seventh, and eighth noted, the world is getting smaller and our schools need to meet the needs of a new generation of learners.

Wright says the local business community can help, “I would love to see them (business leaders) come into the classroom. I would love to see them mentor the students and see what’s going on.”

“Innovation is and will continue to be America’s strength,” highlighted Kessler. “No way can you look and say you are not a connected world.”

To hear the response from Centennial Bank’s AVP & Business Development Officer Todd German. Go online to Todd talks about technology, students, and the significance in his professional arena.





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