Nelly, P Diddy, and Murphy Lee had the No. 1 hit in America: “Shake Ya Tailfeather”

The San Antonio Spurs had just won the NBA Championship.

George W. Bush was in the White House.

Ashley Mansel was a sophomore in high school.

And the inaugural edition of the Marathon Weekly brought Community News back to the Middle Keys!


Just one simple color. If another publication could have accurately reproduced an advertiser’s specific color, then the newspaper you’re now reading may never have come to exist.

Weekly Founding Father John Bartus penned that historic passage a number of years ago while reminiscing about the humble beginnings of a newspaper destined to become as powerful and far reaching as the Hearst Empire at the turn of the century.

Our expansion has been aggressive.

After taking control of Marathon, The Weekly turned its sights onto Key West by turning a younger sister loose in the southernmost city. Through hard work, truth, and determination, the other Key West publications are quickly losing their relevance and will undoubtedly fold into the Weekly stable by year’s end.

From there, our sights are set on the Upper Keys and we should have independent operations reaching as far north as Jacksonville by next summer – just about the time Marathon completes its central sewer system.

For Christmas 2011, in-the-know residents of the Florida Keys will strike it rich weeks after The Weekly’s initial public offering disrupts Wall Street and single handedly turns the market from bear to bull in a matter hours.

By the time our Deputy Editor, Josh Koler, assumes control of the board room (2013), all problems in the Florida Keys relating to housing, crumbling infrastructure, municipal budgets and environmental dangers will be eliminated once and for all through a generous grant by Koler Keys Fund.

In the end, The Weekly’s modest owners will never forget those who believed in their operation and stuck with them during the hard times – like now.

Thanks for 7 great years! Our memories are already fond, and the future is bright.

Jason, Kate, Josie, and the staff of The Weekly Newspapers.


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