For the past several days my wife has been organizing twenty-five-plus years of photographs.  We already have twenty or more photo albums from trips and vacations, compact disks from more recent years and a photo library on the computer.  What I’m writing about is the hundreds of duplicate pictures that were stored away, in boxes and plastic bags, during construction.  The largest open area in our home is the California king mattress in our bedroom, so that is where the sorting began.  Seeing our life spread out in front of us like this was amazing.  Memories flooded back and we recalled instances and events not considered for years.  We have spent the better part of the week reminiscing over the photos.  The great thing about pictures you have taken is, the event or captured image is generally during a happy occasion.  You’re reminded of the great times of your life, your history together, and can share those special moments all over again.

    Ganine’s inspiration for this project is our son Theo.  The beginning of this year he moved out on his own to live in Key West with his girlfriend.  My wife wanted him to have his own collection of family photographs for his home.  So often photo collections start when you are an adult and your childhood photographs stay with your parents until they pass.  We don’t plan on that happening for a long time so, I approve of my wife’s decision.  This project is totally a ‘mom’ thing, and I have to admit seeing our son grow up all over again through the photos is great fun.

    I’m also reminded of what a great mother my wife is to our son.  Just the time spent making all his costumes, coiffing him for his photo ops, running him to violin lessons, trumpet lessons, karate class, gymnastics, museums, school functions and work deserves a medal.  The time sent helping with his homework, not even jewelry can compensate for her patience.

    Ganine is a fabulous photographer.  Having spent so much time in front of the camera working with top photographers she picked up a great deal of expertise on what to do behind the camera.  Her photos are quite stunning and really capture the moments.  I would not be surprised if she were to take them to the next level and publish her work; it is that good.

    For all you new mothers I would recommend taking photos of those special moments now, so you have something to look back on when you have challenging days.  And when you question whether it is all worth it, look back at the special moments you saved on your digital camera and all will be well.  A smile will spread across your face and your thoughts will be happy ones.

    Happy Mother’s Day to Moms everywhere.  Dream the life you live and live the life you dream.

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