Last week, Boy’s Plumbing received a shipment of nearly 2,000 feet of Schedule 40 PVC for 30-40 lateral connections on Big Coppitt. The truck did not come from Home Depot, or some supply house way up in Miami, but from the bed of a truck with a 305 Area Code.

“As a plumbing contractor, I recognize the difficulty in procuring the materials to complete a job in a timely manner,” said Reef Waterworks founder Jay Massaro.

“Especially when one of your main concerns is staying local.”

Earlier this year, the 3rd Generation Pluming owner and contractor found himself buried under quotes and proposals for sewer connections and kept circling one line on his estimates – the cost of pipe and materials.

“The Keys are in the middle of one of the largest construction projects of our generation,” Massaro said. “And between permitting, engineering, and choosing the qualified contractor, I wanted to alleviate the headache of finding the right material for the job.”

And Massaro is supplying more than the smaller outfits like Boy’s Plumbing and the bigger companies like Key Largo’s Bayside Plumbing. Reef Waterworks 3,000 sq ft warehouse is also set up with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. Anyone can come behind the counter and check out the vent screens, backwater valves, and a whole galaxy of PVC fittings to tie into the central sewer system.

“One of the benefits is that the plumbers can see the fitting in person before they purchase and drive off down the road,” he said. “The days of describing parts over the phone or receiving the wrong product are over.”

Reef Waterworks pipe yard also stocks 20 ft lengths of pipe because less joints and fittings equal less points of failure and faster installation. Piled next to the pipe racks are mountains of pea gravel and all of the material is available for the same day delivery, which in many cases could be free.

“We opened this business for one main reason, to save the consumers money,” said Reef Waterworks Account Executive Jay Glover as he tossed some fittings into the back of his truck. “We are trying to keep Miami and Fort Lauderdale supply houses from jabbing our contractors, and it is working.”

Reef Waterworks is located at 3900 Overseas Hwy in Marathon. For more information, call (305) 289-9580.

Polyvinal chloride (PVC), Schedule 40 pipe fittings. White, smooth, and ready to pipe wastewater away from the reef.




Reef Waterworks founder Jay Massaro (center), with the Pipe Pros: Gary Finch (left) and Jay Glover.



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