Save Our Turtles

Save Our Turtles

Turtle nesting season in the Keys is in full swing!

Scotter, the rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle makes an appearance at the Turtle Museum in Key West!

The Save-A-Turtle foundation wants to remind everyone that sea turtle mothers and their hatchlings will become disoriented by lights on the beach and canals with open water views from homes, condos and businesses. The hatchlings walk towards the light, onto roads, fall into drains or become dehydrated and use their small energy reserves wondering or swimming in circles.

Prevent this from happening to our precious hatchings by implementing these crucial tips at oceanfront home or business:

• Turn Off or Shield Lights- including Dock Lights

• Replace White Lights with LED Red

• Close Drapes and/or Blinds

• When on the Beach at Night Use Only Natural Star or Moonlight to guide you.

Studies have shown that sea turtles are less likely to be attracted to red or amber lights because of their long wavelength.

If you see an injured or struggling sea turtle please contact Florida Fish and Wildlife at (888) 404-FWCC (3922).

Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting

1. Keep it Low (mounting height and wattage)

2. Keep it Shielded – no lights should be visible from the beach or open water

3. Keep it Long (wavelength), RED or Amber

* FWC recommendations

If you see any lighting issues or violations please contact code compliance in your area or Save-A-Turtle at (305) 743-9629 or tortugamarinafl @

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