There has never been a recorded snowfall in the subtropical Florida Keys according to official National Weather Service records dating back to 1870.

But it apparently will snow on one Lower Florida Keys residence Christmas Day.

The Weather Channel is guaranteeing that for musician Howard Livingston, his family and friends.

Livingston won the network’s nationwide “Guaranteed White Christmas” contest, TWC officials said Wednesday.

TWC is to orchestrate a massive manmade snowfall at his oceanfront residence while meteorologist Adam Berg broadcasts live intermittently from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, Dec. 25. A Christmas Eve broadcast from the Lower Keys is likely as well.

“I didn’t think we had a chance because I didn’t think they could possibly make snow when it’s 80 degrees,” said Livingston, who shares his home with his wife of two months, Cyndy, and their two dogs.

He found out differently when Berg delivered the news in person.

“When Adam Berg showed up, our jaws dropped because we recognized him,” said Livingston. “I was flabbergasted.”

Livingston was chosen from hundreds of contest entrants who submitted videos explaining why their families deserved a white Christmas. His 60-second piece shows the touring/recording musician and songwriter in his sunny waterfront yard, trying to make snow for his six-year-old grandson Michael Walker in a quirky blender powered by a 1952 Johnson outboard motor.

According to network officials, on Christmas Livingston’s yard is to be blanketed by tons of snow created from shaved ice by Sturm’s Special Effects, a Wisconsin-based company that specializes in making snow. The white stuff is designed to be “packable,” making it ideal for shaping snowmen and snowballs.

The Livingstons were planning a family Christmas with Michael, Howard’s daughter and Michael’s mother Amanda Walker, her partner Tyler Hanson and their 11-month-old daughter Courtney Hanson, who live nearby.

“We generally spend Christmas at home with Michael, open gifts in the morning and cook some lobster on the grill,” said Livingston. “We’re going to do the same thing this year, but with snow.”

Weather Channel meteorologist Adam Berg (right) surprises Lower Keys resident Howard Livingston with the news that his family won the network’s “Guaranteed White Christmas” contest. Weather Channel meteorologist Adam Berg (right) surprises Lower Keys resident Howard Livingston with the news that his family won the network's Guaranteed White Christmas contest




Michael Walker, Livingston’s grandson, starred in the family’s video entry that earned them an unprecedented snowfall in the balmy Lower Keys. Michael Walker




The Livingston family is shown here in the sunny oceanfront yard that is to be blanketed with snow on Christmas Day. Michael & Family




Using an offbeat blender/boat motor, Howard Livingston attempts to blend snow for his grandson Michael Walker in the Livingstons’ winning video entry. Blending Snow



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