This weekend I had the privilege to be the keynote speaker at a regional seminar.  There were three other speakers before me.  All were exceptional with their topics, with their own personality and each as motivating as the next. You would think that after four and a half hours of sitting in a chair that the attendees of the seminar would be on overload and exhausted from the emotional ride they had already been taken.  That was not the case, in fact anything but.  The group was ready to rock and roll and I was the man to lead the band. 

My topic was ‘Championship Mentality’ and the room was filled with athletes.  For the next forty-five minutes I did everything I could to pump them up, to remind them of their passion, and help them to refocus on their careers.  By the time I finished they were all in a frenzy and ready to take on the world.  As the preacher always says ‘it’s easy to preach to the choir’.  These people were already believers, they wanted to be re-energized and they wanted the information and experience of all the speakers.  In reality this group already possesses the tools and desires necessary to be a champion.  The question arises, “Where were the colleges of these present and future champions?” 

Why is it the people who need the help the most are always missing?  It’s almost like they are trying to fail.  Some things never change.  When I attended seminars in the past it was the same.  The most productive businesses were in the front row; the less productive toward the back and the least productive never quite made it to the seminar.  There were always a couple of individuals who had recently joined or taken over management positions of lesser producing businesses sitting in or near the front row and as far as I was concerned these were the people to watch.  Amazingly enough their businesses turned around in a relatively short time.  It’s not magic.  It is desire and a willingness to do what is necessary to succeed.  I find both in business and in life, it is the same.  Without effort and a desire to succeed and a willingness to sit in the front row, you can’t expect to realize your dreams.

The speaking engagement was in Boca Raton and followed by dinner in West Palm Beach at the City Center.  I have to say there is sometimes that I miss a larger city, especially when it looks like West Palm or Boca Raton. Both have exquisite Downtown areas with loads of exceptional restaurants, shops, and cultural centers.  There were hundreds of people walking around enjoying the sights and sounds of a bustling city.  Afterward we went west to our host’s residence. 

Their home is nestled in a gated golf community that includes three golf courses, lakes, clubhouses and large beautiful homes, five thousand homes to be exact.  All were well landscaped and harmonious in their environment.  This trip got me wondering…  what would happen to the Keys if we evolved like our sister cities of the Florida coast?  At one time they were sleepy fishing and tourist towns and they seem to have evolved quite well.  Maybe we could employ one of those golf community developers to make the Keys more harmonious from city to city. How great would it be to have a boardwalk that featured restaurants, shops, cultural areas and places to mingle while walking off a nice dinner?  I was just wondering.

Dream the life you live and live the life you dream.

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