Key West City Commission Repeals Section 18-27 (b)

As New Jersey visitor Jerry Mapoli shows, indulging in libations is a popular Key West pastime. Nay a single teetotaler voiced opposition this past Tuesday when Key West repealed a liquor law prohibiting the sale of alcohol on Sunday mornings.
Bartenders, tourists, fishermen and Bloody Mary enthusiasts rejoiced this past Tuesday when the Key West City Commission inched a step closer to ending prohibition once and for all. With Commissioners Rossi and Weekley abstaining because of conflicts of interest, and Clayton Lopez absent, the rest of the dais legalized Sunday morning cocktailing.
“It will definitely make a little more spending money for the service industry,” said Vice Mayor Mark Rossi, who admitted that the repeal wouldn’t have much of an effect on his business, or his ability to grab a mimosa on Sunday morning. “I own my own bar,” he said. “I would just go make one.”

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