Our law enforcement officers face menacing and volatile situations daily. Some have made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety, loosing their lives in the line-of-duty. On Friday May 22, the community gathered to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the public is safe.

Addressing the crowd gathered around the gazebo at Bayview Park in Key West, Monroe County Sheriff Bob Peryam noted: for every 59 hours which pass, nationwide one officer is killed.

“The statistic is a stark reminder of the sacrifices made,” Sheriff Peryam announced.

As the roll of Florida officers killed in-the-line-of-duty last year was read, Key West Police Chief Donie Lee alerted us of their potentially life-threatening work. The lives of the men and women were taken in vain; answering disturbance calls, in gunfire … attempting to arrest disorderly persons. A Monroe County Game Warden perished after being shot by a poacher.

“We owe much of our own safety to the sweat, blood, and lives of our law enforcement officers,” Sheriff Peryam’s voice was solemn.

Those in the crowd bowed their head in prayer.

Following a wreath laying and gun salute, taps filled the air, and their comrades and the public they so selflessly served reflected on their sacrifice.

Special remembrance was reserved for Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Adams, killed in 1901, Key West Police Officer Clarence Till, 1904, Sheriff’s Game Warden Guy Bradley, 1905, Key West Police Officer Norman Drew, 1975, Sheriff’s deputies David Cormier and Michael Alexander, 1980 and 1998 respectively, and Key West Police Detective John Piskator in 2006. The roll will also include Nick Pham and Deputy Robin Tanner, killed in 2007.


Monroe County Sheriff Bob Peryam and Key West Police Chief Donie Lee salute a wreath laid in honor of those law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. At a ceremony in Bayview Park, officers, families and members of the community joined together to remember those Monroe County officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
Photo by Alyson Crean, Public Information Officer Monroe County Sheriff Bob Peryam and Key West Police Chief Donie Lee



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