Switlik fourth graders learn the power of the pen

Switlik fourth graders learn the power of the pen

As they prepare for an upcoming standardized writing proficiency tests early next spring, fourth graders in Ms. Nan Young’s class graciously hosted The Weekly Newspapers into their classroom following a decorated celebration and presentation on Veteran’s Day.

Ms. Nan Young, fourth grade teacher at Stanley Switlik Elementary has assigned her students countless writing topics in preparation for their Writing Proficiency standardized tests next spring.

“It’s important for them to know that writing can turn into a viable career, so they can understand why I make them write,” Young elaborated of her invitation. “If they can own it, they’ll put forth their best effort!”

Young elaborated that during the writing proficiency testing, students have 45 minutes to draft, write and edit an expository or narrative based on an assigned topic. Scoring is then based on content, details, voice, organization, sentence fluency and convention.

From collecting candy for troops to send overseas to writing essays on the importance of honoring servicemen and women and even singing songs and coordinating a drum circle, each grade offered their own contribution to the school’s veteran’s tribute, Red, White and Blue Day.

In a brief crash course on writing an article for a newspaper, 18 students were presented the most elemental instruction and given the opportunity to have their bylines appear in The Marathon Weekly.

The editorial staff judiciously studied the 10 entries and selected these two narrative recounts of Red, White and Blue Day at Stanley Switlik Elementary School.

Miranda Turner read her winning essay on why it’s important to honor veterans at Stanley Switlik Elementary School’s Red White and Blue Day celebration.

Red White and Blue Day

By Clara Williams

On November 10th the entire Stanley Switlik had an excellent tribute to honor the veterans that fought for our country! The part that I was enchanted with was the fact that every grade and student presented something to our veterans. All of the second graders led the cafeteria in the pledge of allegiance. The third graders put on a humorous skit about why we honor veterans. All of the fourth grade classes sang a melancholy song called “Our Heroes Will Live On.” Then Miranda Turner (a fourth grade student) read her moving essay on why we honor our veterans. After that, the fifth graders put on an interesting drumming circle. To slowly end the ceremony, “Taps” was played on a bugle horn. Then all of the students shook hands with a real veteran! Now that’s an amazing and honoring way to celebrate Veteran’s Day!


Red White and Blue Day

By Sergio Borysiewicz

On Nov. 10 at Stanley Switlik Ms. Young’s 4th grade class sang a song to honor our veterans. We sang a song on Red White and Blue Day.

They went on stage to sing their song Our Heroes Will Live On. The song was about veterans that was about ten minutes long. They had great singing and concentration. It made the veterans there proud to know we will always honor them. At the end of the song everyone in the cafeteria clapped and cheered for us. As we walked down people were saying great job and singing.

That’s what happened on Red White and Blue Day Thursday, Nov. 10 at Stanley Switlik cafeteria.


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