The Dock is still rockin’

The Dock is still rockin’

All is well once again on Sombrero Boulevard at one of Marathon’s favorite local watering holes.

General Manager Lee Lawhorn is back in the kitchen and at the helm of the Dockside Bar & Grill with assistance from managers John and Debbie K.

“We’re really aiming to bring back our local crowd with affordably priced food brought to their tables with a smile,” Lawhorn beamed. “There’ve been lots of familiar faces that haven’t been around in a while, and everybody’s been very excited to see the Dock opening again.”

Assistant managers Debbie and John K. flank General Manager Lee Lawhorn who’s returned to the helm of Dockside Bar & Grill. Several dishes like burgers and prime rib that were previously turned out of the tiny outdoor kitchen are back on the menu, and all your favorite local bartenders are back to serve their loyal customers.

Nothing on the current menu of staples, including their signature burgers, sandwiches and appetizers, is more than $10. On both Wednesday and Saturday nights, crowds file in to fill the picnic tables, bar stools and every inch of space in the place to devour mouth-watering Prime Rib piled high with fresh steamed vegetables and a baked potato. King cuts will only set you back $16.95, and petite cuts are available for $12.95.

All of your favorite local bartenders are back at the helm as well, including John Wells, Deanna Sabo, The Anderson Brothers, Rich and Bryan and of course, Debbie K. Roy McAdams is still the familiar face in the corner dock masters’ office.

Something for which Dockside has always been known is their regular rotation of local musical acts throughout the week. The current lineup includes: John K. on Tuesday evenings, Michael J. for Prime Rib Wednesdays; Joe Mama on Thursdays for Baby Back Rib Night; Tim Dee and Jim Hall will play on Friday nights when the menu will feature Seafood Specials; Ray West will accompany your Saturday evening Prime Rib; and Adrienne’s sultry sounds salute the Sunday evening sunsets with Chef’s Specials highlighted on the menu.

The dinghy docks that serve local Boot Key Harbor liveaboards are also back in operation, too.

“We’re open for the harbor folks and locals,” Lawhorn reiterated.

Stay tuned for a permanent menu and details on a grand opening event in the coming weeks.

Dockside Bar & Grill is located at 35 Sombrero Boulevard in Marathon across from Sombrero Country Club at the east end of Boot Key Harbor. The bar is open seven days a week from 10 am to 11 pm, and the kitchen is serving food from 11 am to 10 pm. (305) 743-0000.


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