Moms have really come a long way. Our grandmothers were tough old birds. Coping with pregnancy without definitive answers found online or in the myriad of self help books would have been a daunting challenge. Then came childbirth. An eight pound potato pushing through that tiny opening – all without the modern medical miracles of pain relief.

While some may think today’s generation of mothers may have it easy compared to our foremothers – the challenges in today’s world are just as scary. The question is no longer whether or not to return to the workforce, but when to go back to work.

I will admit, I thought my new life would be easier. Before baby Josh arrived we had our schedules all worked out!

Well… it is not as easy as I thought. I quickly learned to meet Joshua’s schedule, since he is not old enough for reasoning and just plain flat out refuses to change his feeding schedule to comply with Chamber After Hours, board meetings, deadlines, and other various work-related activities like opening mail, paying bills, making deposits, or meeting with clients.

We wake at 5:50 am to nurse, and then enjoy a short nap and another feeding before we make it to the office two hours late. The work is still there, we are just behind schedule and he has decided there is too much going on to nap at the office. At three months, he is observant and constantly swivels his head as though he may miss something, so he usually squeals and coos for a couple hours before the next meal.

I have learned some new skills including being able to type with a single hand even though it is not as efficient and I am stricken with guilt that I am not giving him my undivided attention when he is nursing. However, when the person on the other end of the phone realizes that there is a baby at my boob (Joshua really likes to let everyone know he is enjoying his meal) they usually share their own experience of juggling parenthood and careers. Hence, The Weekly’s Salute to Working Moms.

We are one of the lucky ones – we own our business. We can hang out in the back of our office with the baby and the secondary units of everything like bassinets, bouncing chairs, playmats, and toys. I can nurse when needed. He will eventually nap with ease. He will have plenty of office aunts and uncles to bounce him around. We will not miss any milestones. It is our office and we can have the baby here with us while we work.

No Sweat, no worries, no problem! Ok – we will see!

This week’s edition celebrates mom working outside of the home and the balancing act of it all. Do not worry all you fathers – you will have your spotlight as well!

Kate Koler is the Weekly Newspapers boss. She can be reached via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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