This past weekend, 75 bicyclists showed up for the First Annual Key West Bicycle Poker Run. Participants started in Bayview Park before pedaling to Recycle on Stock Island, down Roosevelt, perhaps making a pit stop for a mimosa at Finnegan’s Wake… before hitting Eaton Bikes, Fixed Gears, Duval Street Bikes, The Bike Shop and back to the park. Cards were drawn at each stop and the winner walked away with $200 in hard cash.

Jill Lynch and her family took part in the inaugural event.

“This is awesome. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday. We get to have fun with a little gambling action,” exclaimed the mom inside Eaton Bikes.

Other parents on the route were Jacob Pieniazek, a former pro racer from Poland who towed his one-year old daughter in a bicycle trailer for kids.

“She likes it,” the dad noted outside of The Bike Shop, “she started to ride at eight months. She loves it!”

“I think there are a lot of great ways to see Key West,” remarks Eddie Marsh, owner of Duval Street Bikes and dad. “You can explore nooks and crannies and see the island on an intimate level. This event is a great way to push that experience.”


Chris, wife, Jodi
“Pick a card, any card.” Eaton Bikes’ Chris, and his wife Yolande Wild, deal cards to bikers. Our cameras caught up with Jodi Smith-Williams on this stop. A cowboy hat and bottled water kept her cool in the midday heat.



Country Taco
Eaton Bikes’ Greg ByWaters tightens the gears in the back of the Old Town bike shop.


The family of Duval Street Bikes. Eddie, Melani and Milo Marsh. “It’s great to be able to push the island-bike riding experience. Even if they haven’t been on a bike in ten years the visitors come back and say, ‘oh, man. I loved it!’”



Fixed gears
Fixed Gears Owner and Mechanic Patrick Sauter, Gary & Pam from New York State, Volunteer Marcelino Malpica, and Jim Malcom’s niece, Jill Malcolm, at the Simonton Street Shop. Gary and Pam heard about the event while on vacation, rented bikes from Duval Street Bikes, and joined the trek. “I think it’s wonderful”, Jill said teary-eyed. “I wish he were here. He’d be really proud.”



Parents Jill and Steve Lynch look to cross Roosevelt and HWY. “We’re locals! What a great family event,” exclaimed Jill.



Kevin & Kaley
15-year old Kevin and 11-year old Kaley are ready to cruise to the next stop to draw their next hand.



Jacob & Eleanor
Jacob Pieniazek and his daughter Eleanor are riding up to 17 miles at once. “This is one of the best places in the world to bike,” exclaims the 915 waiter. “It needs to be promoted more!”



Eleanor Pieniazek proves you don’t even have to be able to walk to cycle! Her Dad Jacob towed her in a bike trailer.



Stephen & Kaley
Stephen Lawrence, co-owner of Eaton Bikes raises 11-year old Kaley Lynch’s bike seat.



The Bike Shop
Esther Domian volunteers as dealer outside of The Bike Shop on Truman Avenue, the last stop of the day. Her husband Jesse is The Bike Shop manager.



Max Hooten, a mechanic at Recycle deals the first card for the Poker Hands at the Stock Island shop.



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