With Key West Captain Coast Guard Sector Captain Pat DeQuattro and the formidable Roy Coley of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority leading the “bale of turtles” from Turtle Kraals, the annual race made its way down Caroline Street and through the Coast Guard grounds.

This is the first year an 8K, or five mile run was added to benefit the new Sigsbee Charter School.

Friends, family members, and the glowing Cindy McVeigh from Keys Energy Services all turned out to trot.

(A lot of money) was raised. The other recipient of the proceeds, The Turtle Hospital in Marathon!

The event was sponsored by the Military Affairs Committee and BW Promotions!


The Matyskis
Brother and sister, Patrick and Nicole Matysik were part of the Turtle Trot. 8-year old Nicole tells the Key West Weekly, “Going up the bridge was kind of hard, but the rest was easy!”

10-year old Patrick shared her sentiments, “I think it was easy. I’m ready for the 8K!”



Dierdre & Cheryl
These women know how to work a timed course! Li Lo Swimwear’s Deirdre Robbins and Cheryl finished the 8K looking fabulous and with times to tout their hard training.



Roy & Jim
Florida Keys Aqueduct’s Executive Director Jim Reynolds came out to volunteer and cheer on his FKAA colleague Roy Coley, who…. again, got smoked in the last mile by Captain DeQuattro!



The Grooms
Beth and Bascom Grooms were sportin’ the Conch colors and showed the community what a family fun run is all about with their girls Kelci and Kassidy! 



“I love my age group!” Monroe County Teachers Federal Credit Union CEO, Jerry Bolduc took first place in his division, Men ages 30 – 35, and has the plaque to prove it!




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