Wine club supports “mom and pops”

Wine club supports “mom and pops”

Bruce and Pam Boring, proprietors of the California Wine Club, recently purchased a home on Key Colony Beach and are finding that each year, they’re spending more and more time with their friends and customers in the Florida Keys.

California Wine Club proprietor Bruce Boring said if he’d known more than two decades ago that at least half of the United States population abstains from alcohol, he probably wouldn’t have taken the leap to start a wine of the month club.

The Miami native first made his way in the world with a career in printing that took him to Los Angeles by way of Houston where Curtis 1000, an envelope and printing company hired and trained him in every aspect of business operations.

He was relocated to Los Angeles to open a west coast operating facility before eventually breaking out on his own with a college friend to start their own business.

Though they were able to grow the company significantly, Boring was disheartened with their modest profit in the highly competitive industry.

“I was in my late 30s and trying to find a way to move on with my life when someone sent me a six-month membership of bulk, closeout wine,” he remembered. “It was all terrible!”

From that experience was born a promise central to his business philosophy.

“Probably one of the smartest things I ever did was offer our 100 percent guarantee that have a bad bottle of wine, I’ll refund your money or send you another bottle,” Boring confirmed.

That’s a promise that Charlie and Leslie Miller can get behind.

“We joined just over a year ago because of the variety of wines they are able to offer…ones you just don’t see on grocery store shelves around here,” Miller explained. “It’s so convenient, and we really haven’t had a bad bottle of wine since we joined.”

Boring and his wife Pam personally sample every shipment of wine the company distributes to what’s steadily holding at 20,000 customers each month.

“People are always looking for fellow wine drinkers to recommend a good bottle of wine,” Boring continued. “We’re like friends recommending a good bottle of wine for another friend.”

He’s also quick to dispute the notion that wine is only for those with refined palettes.

For less than $50 per month, a Premier Club membership will bring two bottles of artisanal wine – two reds, two whites or one of each – directly to your front door along with a 12-page magazine, Uncorked, highlighting the vineyards that produced each bottle.

“There are very few wine snobs in the California Wine Club,” Boring chuckled. “People are usually pretty modest in their knowledge about wine, and I think some people find it simply find it too intimidating.”

Each monthly publication includes profiles of family-owned wineries from whom the Borings purchase their products as well as recipes, the latest news on health benefits of wine consumption (yay!) and special deals that allow members to reorder cases of their favorite varietals they’ve sampled in the past.

“We really work to make sure our wines aren’t questionable,” he added. “We want to take that risk away from our customers. By receiving only two bottles each month, our members aren’t stuck with a case of bad wine.”

Not only does the California Wine Club provide an invaluable service to its members, they act as the fundamental marketing arm for modest wineries that rarely turn large profits.

“I don’t know of any other industry that has so much passion among the producers,” Boring concluded of the families he and his wife have met over the past 22 years. “Their enthusiasm for their work is infectious, and we love sharing that passion with our customers.”


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