My wife and I adore collecting quotes. The adages help us stay focused, inspired and motivated. They come from a myriad of sources: passages in the Bible, motivational books, spiritual leaders, posters, greeting cards, sometimes personal epiphanies, even fortune cookies!

My wife Ganine is great – she writes down quotes she sees and refers to them when she feels they apply, strategically posting them where they are visible throughout the day. She even used them as a parenting tool while raising our son. Growing up he referenced the short letters, or quotes, his loving mother felt were appropriate for his experiences – often placing the words by his bedside for him to mull over. During conversation, he would often refer to the messages she penned for him.

I’m no Yogi Berra, but Ganine has collected pages of what she refers to as “Theo-isms”… observations, opinions, thoughts, and quotes from yours truly. I am grateful she bothers. To be honest, much of what I say comes out without premeditation. I swear a much smarter, wiser being than myself possesses me and I channel great thinkers of the past. Nonetheless, my wife seems to think what I say is worth recording. I am grateful, especially when she reminds me of a brilliant saying after I’ve mumbled something less than intelligent. It all balances out in the end.

Years ago I started writing ‘Keys Culture’ to enliven my goals to be an author. My objective is to publish an inspirational book encompassing my personal experiences and teachings. After spending thirty-five years as a teacher, life coach, and motivational speaker; I know each of you will react differently to words and actions. Where we get our inspiration or motivation is unimportant. What is important is that we are exposed and recognize the opportunities we have in our everyday lives.

Just this morning Ganine handed me eleven pages of quotes, pictures and advertisements of inspirational and motivational content. It’s the fuel I need to concentrate on writing a best-seller. Ganine, thank you for the inspiration. I urge all of you to look for yours.

On a separate subject entirely I would like you to mark your calendar for a can’t miss event.  The Marathon Rotary Club’s Big Band Concert is this Sunday, March 1st at 6 p.m.  The event takes place at the Switlik Ballroom. Dances, performed by Theo & Ganine’s Dance Center students, will get the evening swinging, followed by the music of Joe Dallas & the Paradise Big Band. The night also includes a silent auction. Tickets are available at the door for $25. All proceeds will benefit the Rotary Foundation.

Dream the life you live and live the life you dream. 

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