Fishermen’s Hospital Winter Meltdown
12-week Team Weight-Loss Challenge

Okay, you can win some (money, that is) and you lose some (pounds, that is) if you are part of this contest. Our goal is to promote healthier lifestyles, prevent illness and better manage chronic diseases in the Marathon area with this contest that focuses on weight control and camaraderie. Do you want to be fit or fat? You’ve got nothing to lose, but a few pounds. So, put your money where your mouth is and let’s take it off!

Download the application here! (pdf)

What is the “Fishermen’s Hospital Winter Meltdown”?
1.A 12-week weight-loss/wellness competition organized by Fishermen’s Hospital and The Weekly Newspapers.
2.The challenge will begin with a weigh-in on Monday, Feb 7th, and will end with a weigh-in on Monday, April 25th, 2011 . 
3.Teams of three people compete to lose the highest percentage of weight – not necessarily the amount of weight – during the competition. (i.e. starting weight of 220 lbs. and ending weight of 200 lbs. would be a loss of 9% body weight)
4.Cash and prizes will be disbursed to the top teams and individuals at the end of the 12 weeks.

How does it work?
1.Each team member must weigh in each Monday (weigh-ins are private) and pay $5 per week to remain in the competition.
2.Cash and prizes are distributed throughout and at the end of the competition to the top teams and overall biggest losers.
3. All moneys collected are used for giveaways, awards, cash prizes, and event party.

Why will it be successful?
1.Team effort motivates participants to stay focused on losing weight through diet and exercise.
2.Cash and prizes motivate participants to remain competitive throughout the 12-week program.
3.Team members choose their own diet and exercise program.

Who can join the contest?
1.Any business, civic organization, church, or individual may form a three-person team.
2.There is no entry fee to participate, other than payments of $5 at each Monday, weekly weigh-in, starting with the initial weigh-in on Monday, Jan 4th.  Entrants may pay the full amount up front, but there will be no refund if you quit or get voted off a team.
3.Anyone, 18 and older who wants to lose weight.
4.Please form your own 3-person team. You must start the contest as a team of three.
5.Event organizers may choose to not allow some folks to be in the contest, if they feel the person does not need to lose weight (i.e. too thin, pregnant).

What are the benefits of the Fishermen’s Hospital Winter Meltdown program?
1.Weight loss and regular exercise lead to better health.
2.Team competition promotes camaraderie, encouragement, accountability and motivation among team members and others.
3.Healthier people have less medical expenses, which may decrease health insurance premiums.
4.Weight loss leads to more energy, increased productivity, and higher self esteem.

How do teams register?
1.Form a team of 3 people. (Any individual, 18 and older, may join any team.)
2.Teammates do not have to live in Marathon, but must be able to weigh-in each Monday at Fishermen’s Hospital. 
3.Choose a unique name (i.e. Defeat De-fat, Inch Busters, Big Butts R Us, Profit & Loss, Diet Divas, Shrinking Assets, Waist Warriors, Jelly Bellys, Honey Buns, Big Daddies). 25 characters or less.
4.E-mail your team name to us to secure it, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
5.Participants must attend the initial weigh-in any time from 4 -6p.m. on Monday, Jan 7th, 2011 at Fishermen’s Hospital. Bring your first $5 cash and the registration form. Forms also available at the event..
6.No team registration can take place after the first day of competition.
7.In some instances, individuals will be allowed to join the contest after the initial weigh-in date.

What are the rules?
2.All participants must be at least 18 years of age by Monday, Jan 7th, 2011
3.Weigh-ins are private and confidential. We will only publicly share the percentages of weight loss of the team.
4.All participants will weigh in every Monday at Fishermen’s Hospital – From 4 to 6 PM. Participants should attend the initial weigh-in any time from 4 to 6 p.m. on Monday, Jan 7th, 2011 at Fishermen’s Hospital. Bring your first $5.
5.No disrobing or loading up allowed during weigh-ins.
6.T-shirts and shorts are recommended for weigh-ins. We suggest no shoes.
7.Body fat analysis and measurements will be taken.
8.Healthy eating and exercise are encouraged.
9.No weight-loss surgeries during the 12-week contest.
10.Drastic weight loss (over 5 lbs./week) is discouraged.
11.No sabotaging other teams.
12.Everyone must weigh-in weekly (on Mondays only). If a weigh-in is missed the contestant is still responsible for the $5 weigh-in fee.
13.If you miss a weigh-in one week, your previous week’s weight will be recorded for the missed week (i.e. zero weight loss for that week).  
14.Missing consecutive weigh-ins may result in disqualification.
15.Participants must weigh in with photo ID. 
16.Weigh-ins may take place with or without other teammates.
17.Feel free to bring a sheet of your own to record your weekly weight fluctuations.
18.Weigh-ins may not take place any other times, days, or locations than those listed above.
19.Team members can only be voted off (by their team members) for failing to weigh-in or for steadily gaining weight.  Only one team member may be voted off a team.
20.Team members who consistently weigh-in but who do not lose a great deal of weight, may not be voted off.
21.Weekly, average team weight-loss percentages – not participants’ weights – will be posted in the Weekly Newspapers and may appear in local media.
22.Results for the final three weigh-ins will not be posted publicly.
23.See “drop out” and “how to win” rules below.

What if team members drop out?
1.We don’t encourage dropping out. You need all your team members to remain in the contest and to lose weight in order to have a better chance at winning.
2.Team members cannot be replaced.
3.Team members who have dropped out may always re-join their team, as long as their fines and fees are paid up.
4.Team members may drop out, but the contestant’s last paid-up weigh-in will be reflected in the team’s final calculations.
5.To drop out, give written notice by e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
6.Team members may drop out, but their weight-loss percentages will be calculated into the team’s totals. Again, it’s advantageous to keep teammates on your team and losing weight.
7.It is the responsibility of the team member to pay all fines each week. All fines and weigh-in fees must be paid by those still in the contest on/by Monday, April 18th, 2011 to be considered for prizing.
8.There must be at least two original teammates still on the team through the last weigh-in to be considered for a team prize, but remember, to have a better chance at winning, you need a higher sum of weight loss which can best be achieved by three teammates.

How do you win the contest?
1.Cash grand prizes will be awarded to the winning teams (divided equally by teammates who complete the contest and who are paid up), based on the sum of the individual teammates’ weight-loss percentages (initial weigh-in to final weigh-in on). It is therefore most beneficial to keep your teammates on your team and losing weight. Cash and other prizes will be awarded in categories. Any winning team’s teammates who are not active and paid-up in the contest on the last weigh-in date will forfeit his/her share of the grand prize money.
2.All team and individual winners will split the jackpot (amounts and percentages to be determined).
3.All persons registered in the Losers contest (even those on teams) are eligible for the individual loser awards.
4.It is possible to win one or more team prizes and an individual loser prize.
5.Award amounts to be determined by the amount of fees collected into the jackpot over the course of the contest.
6.These rules and guidelines may be updated and/or changed, as necessary, by Kate Koler and the Summer Meltdown contest organizers.

Event organizer Kate Koler at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / 305-743-0844 and Dianne Weitz at 305-743-5533

Monday, April 25th, 2011, 4 -6 p.m., Fishermen’s Hospital. Same location as the first weigh in.

Will be announced


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