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Neighbor of the Week: Captain Maximo Perez

The uniformed, 31-year arrived in Key West with his wife and three children just one month ago. Captain Maximo Perez, is a young man...
Florida Keys

Coast Guard Nets Compliant Boaters and Divers

Mini-Season can translate into major chaos on the water, and the violations can mount for those ignorant about the laws. Or, those who choose...
#Column: What do tequila, government meetings, and Key deer have in common? - A close up of a sign - Logo

Keys Disease, Boardshorts and Hogfish Sandwiches

Josie: Matt you were on E! Entertainment for being part of the top 25 Most Memorable Swimsuit Moments in the America. America went crazy...
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Dive Report: II Cristo Degli Abissi

The Cristo deglie Abissi Portofino Video is embedded below further down the article. The concept to submerge a symbol of Christ in the water began...
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Nudity, European Tourism and Our Economy

Representatives of Florida Free Beaches want a clothing optional beach in Key West. Their goal is to section off a portion of Smather’s Beach...
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Divers Report: Beatles’ Tunes Make Waves

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5K1qOWYG9s&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&border=1&w=500&h=405] Impersonators, of the Fab Four from Liverpool, suited up for the 25th Underwater Music Festival at Looe Key Reef. Area dive masters metamorphosed...
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TASER Training

The Key West Police Department is adding a new tool to help ensure officer safety, and that of those they encounter. Over the next...
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Divers Report: Divers Dip into Calm Waters

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administrations National Buoy Data Center A weak ridge of high pressure will gradually lift northward this weekend. The approximate shoreward edge of...
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… He also Gets to Lead the Pledge

Mayor Morgan McPherson will serve a 2-year term as city leader. But City Commissioners have begun the process to call for a referendum to...
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Because Tan Lines are a Bitch

Saturday, July 11 a worldwide event will vie for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. At 3 pm skinny-dipping enthusiasts will...