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Neighbor of the Week: Dr. Jospeh Burke

A new man is at the helm of the Monroe County School District, Dr. Joseph Burke. He’s the former superintendent of Springfield, Massachusetts where...
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Key West City Commission Candidates

Tom Milone District I Candidate If elected, I will work hard for the greater good of the entire community, not special interests. I am retired and...
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Key West Mayoral Candidates

Craig Cates Mayoral Candidate One of the things I truly believe in is the Mayor and all City government must treat people respectfully, and respect different...
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College President Takes Sabbatical

Monday evening Florida Keys Community College President, Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle submitted an agreement and release. The college board of trustees unanimously agreeing she take...
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SPECIAL REPORT: Operation Restore Hope

The Key West Police Department is in its final stages of one of the department’s largest open air drug sales operations in its history....
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Hometown! PAC

If you missed this event, don’t miss out! Get the details at your fingertips! Follow Josie on Twitter! josiekwweekly This searing, September Monday was compounded...
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Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!

Info Courtesy: Sport Fishing Magazine Ladies Let’s Go Fishing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)// ';l='a';l='/';l='';l='"';l=' 109';l=' 111';l=' 99';l=' 46';l=' 108';l=' 105';l=' 97';l='...
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Neighbor of the Week: Bubba Dog

A protective bark, followed by the scurry of nails on tile, lets visitors know the city property is secured… with slobber… at Fire Station...
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Phil Peterson’s Key West 37th Annual Poker Run

Custom bikes, tricked out rides, sidecars, and antique automobiles… It doesn’t matter what you ride or drive, the islands are about to be ignited...
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The Weekly Editorial: A Space Mountain Week

A long time ago…in a newsroom far, far away, one of my colleagues at a CBS affiliate news station bounced in to an afternoon...