Every employee, boss, bank teller, car salesman, and writer will attest: come the end of the workweek, it’s time to cut loose! Either by downing a pitcher of margaritas, sharing your hard-earned money with the women at Bare Assets, or bustin’ a move on the dance floor. The Key West Weekly indulged in a power nap before being escorted past security for Mangoes’ Fresh Fridays.

“This is my party!” Appropriately clad in a Miami Dolphins jersey, Louie C Rock is the host anyone with a 33040 zip code and a party agenda should definitely befriend.

“We started the old school parties because there were a lot of people who wanted to go out. We wanted to create an outlet for people who wanted to reminisce the old school days.”

Old School Parties are once a month, but every week it’s Fresh Fridays!

Louie C’s vision has amassed the largest following South of the turnpike. Roughly, 500 revelers turn out for The True Nightclub Experience. Among them this Friday – a customer service representative for First State Bank on Whitehead Street, and – a salesman for Niles Sales and Service on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

“Who was born before 1988? Put your hands up in the air! Who’s ready to party?” Louie C Rock ducks into the DJ booth to pump up the crowd on the mic.

Rough Ryders’ 1999 Jigga My N***ga is being spun, on the turntable. Men and women are crowded around the dance floor bar, moving to the music featuring Jay-Z… motioning for one of the bartenders. One who shows a striking resemblance to Ben Affleck.

“Three cherry bombs, please.”

One, two, three, four, uno, deuce, tres, quattro…” Pitbull’s I know You Want Me prompts partiers by the droves to move to the dance floor. Some sportin’ smooth hats like the ones K-Fed used to wear back in his days of dating the princess of pop, looking totally fly.

I make my way back to the DJ both with the shots. Louie C Rock reached to Miami to bring the sound to the Southernmost City.

“The entertainment is far more superior than anything offered before in Key West. We’ve had a relationship with POWER 96, Miami’s most-listened to radio station, for 20 years. I know the DJ’s personally and they are the most sought-after for club music.”

On the tables tonight. Oliver Zogbi, a.k.a. DJ Zog.

After years of spinning you pretty get a good idea of what the crowd wants.” Zog mentions. Also that he’s been doing this since 1993.  It is kind of one of those six senses kind of thing. Anybody can play music, but it takes a certain DJ to be able to read the crowd well.”

More Pitbull, Ay Cico (Lengua Afuera) starts pulsating Dj Zog’s favorite dance mix.

“Listen,” he pops the headphones on and I capture the Miami-style party rocking Duval Street on video!

“Shake that booty… turn it around…”

The lights are flashing, the whistle blowing, the clock says midnight and no body gives two cents about what happened at work, their boss, co-workers, girlfriend, boyfriend, or former friend of a cousin.

“Can you feel the beat? Can you feel the beat within my heart … Can you see my love shine through the dark.” Screamin’ through the speakers is the remix of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam’s 1985 smash hit. A little bit of Bobby Brown’s 1988 hit My Perogative plays underneath.

I can feel the beat! AND the effects of doing pulls of Crown Royal straight out of the bottle.

Deadline, what deadline?

“Throw your hands up in the sky. Welcome to the good life.” Kanye West’s 2007 chart- topper featuring T-Pain keeps the party going ‘til 6 in the morn.

Just kidding! Make that 4 am! Enough time to blow off some steam, see your friends, make new ones and some memories.

“The venue is a real nightclub setting; it’s just very nice vibe and ambiance.” Louie C adds, “call me whenever you want to party!”






DJ Zog
A child of the 80’s, POWER 96’s DJ Zog on the turntables at Mangoes has been spinning since 1993. “Don’t say that though. Don’t date me! I’ve been doing this since I was…gosh… 14!”





From jeans to Old School Disco attire, The Weekly recommends you opt for the shorts ensemble! “I’m melting!” “I’m hot!” was exclaimed throughout the club this August! Wear jeans at your own risk.




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