The City of Marathon has issued a call to artists to submit renderings for the wall on the new Fitness Court being installed at Marathon Community Park.  We’ve received additional information that the National Fitness Campaign is offering a $5,000 grant to the artist whose art is chosen for display. In addition to this grant, the artist will have a bio wall on the side of the structure.

This opportunity is open to any artist in the Keys that is interested in submitting a rendering for voting.  After judging, the top three designs will be presented to City Council at October’s Council Meeting.

The link to NFC’s website is provided so you can see what the Fitness Court and back wall look like. Requirements for art submissions are a high-quality image for the court design team.  The wall itself is 38’ x 7’ and the design will be powder coated onto the structure.  Submissions are due by Monday, Sept. 20 at noon and can be emailed to Maria Covelli at [email protected].

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