A man sitting at a table - Restaurant

Key West Island Eats: Brain Power: Cuban Bread & Café con Leche

Photos by Josie Koler Many of you probably mutter this as adults: “Man if I’d had a shot of Bucci before school… I would have scored straight...
A group of people sitting at a table - Grassy Key

Marathon Island Eats: Hideaway Café a Secret Treasure

My boyfriend and I went to the Hideaway Café on Grassy Key on one of our first official dates. It was still early in the summer months,...
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Marathon Island Currents: Lobster Feast!

So many preparations to please any palette… As Keys businesses prepare for the wave of bug hunters descending on the Florida Keys next week for the recreational lobster...
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Key West Island Eats: Six-Toed Cat

The direction was given in Hemingway’s will: protect the 60 or so mitten kittens in his home. Some are named for characters in his book, or after...
A person sitting at a table with a plate of food - Breakfast

Marathon Island Eats: Keys Fisheries Celebrates Local Heritage and Location

Each afternoon at sunset, Marty the bartender slings a shot glass in front of each of his patrons and pours his signature concoction. “We have big ships, little...
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Key West Island Eats: Go Cold Turkey

There’s a knock on the door and a deliveryman standing out front. Only this isn’t Chinese take-out, or a pizza. Just in time for summer, Charlie Wilson...
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Key West Island Eats: When Your Taste Buds are Bored with Seafood

We all know the feeling happens every few months. You’re tired of Tuna, grossed out by Grouper and your appetite can’t be whet by the thought of...
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Marathon Island Eats: Bring on the Garlic!

Frank’s is one of those go-to restaurants for locals seeking refuge during a busy tourist season. It’s that place where you take some close co-workers or friends and...
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Key West Island Eats: The Flaming Buoy Filet Co

Story & Photos by Josie Koler Two familiar faces on our island have entered into the sea of entrepreneurs! Fred Isch is the bartender at Seven Fish. His...
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Marathon Island Eats: Cabana Breezes Welcomes New Executive Chef

Over dinner this week at Cabana Breezes in Key Colony Beach, the restaurant’s newest executive chef extended his arm and turned up his wrist, explaining to The...