A group of people posing for the camera - Modern dance

Student directs theatrical production at MHS – Saturday show called ‘A Night on Broadway’

A “Night on Broadway” features 16 numbers, about 40 cast and crew members and — for the first time — a student director. Xavier McKnight is running...
A group of people sitting at a dock - Leisure

Chalk festival set for next week – Fans encouraged to watch the ‘process’

The imagination of Key West’s artist community may not be as broad as the Universe, but it’s large and diverse and comes in a close second in...
A man sitting in front of a building - Beard

Interview with an ‘indy’ film guru – Kareem Tabsch is the curator for the...

Kareem Tabsch, leader of the independent film scene in Miami and curator for the Key West Film Festival, picked more than 50 features for this year’s film...
A group of people posing for the camera - Seven Mile Bridge

The elves strike again – Revelers festoon tree on 7 Mile Bridge

Now the tree has more than “2,000 imported Italian twinkle lights” and a complex security system to thwart would-be saboteurs.
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Annie Miners is living the dream – Actress has a part in Barn’s ‘Bingo’...

Why a trawler? “I didn’t think I could single-hand a sailboat,” she said. “I wanted to cruise and knew I’d be doing a lot of it alone, so a trawler with engines made sense to me.”
A group of people posing for the camera - Red Barn Theatre

‘Bingo’ is ideal entertainment

Reviewed by George Fontana What can be said about Ms. Vicki Roush that hasn't been said about Paris, Picasso, or a New Orleans praline parfait? “Magnificent” immediately comes to...
A group of people posing for a photo - Fashion

‘Leading Ladies’ making audiences laugh

The rollicking comedy, “Leading Ladies” is now delighting audiences at the Waterfront Playhouse. Written by Ken Ludwig (“Lend Me A Tenor”) and directed by the Waterfront’s artistic...
A person holding a baseball bat - Finger

Visiting aerial artist tells Alzheimer’s story

I don’t think I defy gravity, as much as I partner with it to tell a story. My work integrates circus arts with acting to create stories, text, and characters, which explore the rich interplay of imagination between air and ground.
A man standing in front of a building - Vacation

One man finds beauty in the tackle box

At the time I was doing a ton of fishing and buying a bunch of lures and I loved them as objects. That was the first time I ever made the giant version of a fishing lure. People liked it and I realized there was a market.
A man standing in a room - Islamorada

Millions going into renovation of old theater – Tap Johnson creating new venue on...

Tap Johnson is “a goofy eccentric.” Just ask him, he’ll tell ya. He will also go on about his two loves — music and the city of Key...