A person holding a gun - The Studios of Key West

Lauren McAloon Sculptor

Lauren and her husband Brendon McAloon had never been to Key West when they decided to move here from New England. “We made the decision, literally, by flipping...
A group of people wearing costumes - Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest’s Outrageous Parade Highlights Key West Festival

KEY WEST, Florida Keys — The Fantasy Fest costuming and masking festival ends today (Sunday, Oct. 30) in Key West with an open-air carnival for kids and...
A group of people sitting at a table - Event

Breezes is back! – Popular waterfront restaurant reopens as “upscale island cuisine”

“I insist on 100 percent quality,” Glunz said. “I would rather take a beating than have something come out of that kitchen that is not good.”
A man standing in front of a boat - Helicopter rotor

Fascinated by flight

With the unveiling this week of Jetpack adventures in Key West is the continued proof that man’s fascination with flight is timeless. Island Hoppers Sightseeing Aerial Tours is a wonderful way to experience a new perspective on our incredible island home.
A group of people posing for the camera - Musical ensemble

Gravy Flavored Kisses is a ‘head-on collision of blues and rock

The best description of our style has been “a head-on collision of blues and rock n’ roll.”
A man standing in front of a television playing a video game - Pirate Radio Key West

You Don’t Know Jack! – Jack Smith takes us through the soundproof studio into...

For many Key West residents, their mornings begin with the same routine. Coffee is brewed, an incredible sunrise paints the sky, and the smooth didactic waves of...
A man wearing a red hat - Capt Reef Perkins Marine Surveyor

Reef Perkins is a man of mystery, adventure

I do have a half-finished, fictionalized work that shrinks with each honest edit. It is so difficult for me to write that I will call my next book a work of “friction.” The first story involves a protagonist named Blu Yunger, a dead buzzard and a Pogo stick modified for military use. The title is Screwed, Blu’ed and Tattooed. Then there’s the one about the worm farm . . .
Animal on the snow - Spiny lobster

The Crustacean Carnival

Lobster Mini Season this Wednesday & Thursday   Recreational and commercial harvest seasons for spiny lobster in Florida are set to reopen soon. The special two-day spiny lobster sport...
A person standing in front of a building - Florida Keys

Artist finishes lighthouse replicas for city signage

Larry “Lighthouse Larry” Herlth is seriously into lighthouses. But not in the tiny-wooden-replica-that-sits-on-the-shelf kind of way. He’s into macho-thousand-pound-weld-it-out-of-steel kind of way. The Islamorada resident’s interest in...
A woman sitting at a table with a bottle of wine - Liqueur

Wineologist roots for the underdog

In 1980, I dabbled in liquor cabinet raiding and shoplifting beers. That summer, “Caddyshack” was released. I clearly remember seeing it with my friends. We snagged some Rhinegold's,...