Fishing in the Keys

Pro Tips: Seminars improve fishing odds

This year’s Island Boat Show features fishing seminars from four of the Keys’ best Captains, who will be revealing the tricks and techniques pros use when fishing...
Here's your hat

‘Here’s Your Hat’ this weekend at The Studios of Key West

Stephen Kitsakos, director of the Studios of Key West production of “Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?” calls the play “a bittersweet affair.” It is the final...
Dancing at Mallory Square post Hurricane Irma

The Weekly’s Top 10 of 2017

There is something about lists that people like to read. Here’s the Top 10 list of the Keys-based stories that went viral this past year. Although Hurricane...
Elves light up Fred again - A group of people standing next to a tree - Seven Mile Bridge

Elves light up Fred again

Two elves sit in a bar and order a cocktail. After overhearing the conversation beside them between two bachelors, they decide to chime in. “Oh wow, you...
Langhorne on a car

Langhorne Slim plays music fest to help the Keys recover

HUMBLE HELP Over the past several years, Billy Kearins (Founder of COAST) “found his groove” hosting established and emerging songwriters in what he calls the “indie folk and...
Key West Film Festival's Quincy Perkins

Rothkopf takes Time Out for festival

It almost feels wrong calling Joshua Rothkopf a critic; sounds too negative. Recognize the name? It often flashes across movie trailers with words like “Heartbreaking” or “Spellbinding”...
Scuba, anyone? Dive sites open for business - Underwater diving

Scuba, anyone? Dive sites open for business

Diving is one of the Keys’ greatest passions and pastimes, and an integral part of the tourism industry. Losing dive sites could wreak more economic damage after...