Be Simple — Be Happy in 2019. By Rev. Oliver Thomas - A person sitting on a bench in front of a body of water - Desktop Wallpaper

Be Simple — Be Happy in 2019. By Rev. Oliver Thomas

Life is simpler than you think.  So is good health. Consider all the books on exercise, yet my 92 year-old mother-in-law, who still rides her bike every...
Key lime pie started with ‘hookers’ - A wooden boat in a body of water - Key lime pie

Key lime pie started with ‘hookers’

Chef Stella Parks probably didn’t know she was cooking up controversy when she claimed Key lime pie was inspired by a 1931 Borden Company recipe published from...
Barefoot Doctor Stan Sack Explores the Uptick in Autism - A person standing on top of a sandy beach - Beach

Exclusive Interview with Jim Mooney, Announcing his Run for Holly Raschein’s Seat in the...

He was 99 percent sure last year about a run for state representative with current Rep. Holly Raschein terming out in 2020. Last week, Islamorada native and...
Take your mind off the start of hurricane season with a good book - A close up of a piece of paper - Mine

Take your mind off the start of hurricane season with a good book

Hurricane season is here. For serious readers, that means a good book. A fictional escape is essential when a storm is brewing in the middle of the...
Astrology Column

What the Stars Have In Store

Pull up a chair and pour yourself a double shot of humility on the rocks. We’re roaring into Leo season this week. In good news: Mercury is blessedly...
Review Process Graphic

Where are we with the Restoration Blueprint? — How the review process works

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary released its Restoration Blueprint on August 20, 2019, opening five months of public comment. The document includes four alternatives. Alternative 1 is no...

How do we reopen the Keys?

The Weekly Newspapers wanted to know how people in our island communities envision the process of reopening of the Florida Keys to both locals and visitors. We...

Opinion: Safer, cleaner ships for the future of Key West

Seven years ago, Key West was already being visited by some of the largest cruise ships in the world. But that wasn’t enough for the cruise ship...

OPINION – Mosquito

Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has announced a public workshop where citizens can ask/present questions about the possible experimental trial in the Florida Keys. It will be...

OPINION – 2 pandemics, 1 silver lining

Daily news is so intense, it’s mind-numbing. It’s easy to get down about the world being so divided and troubled with no relief in sight. So how...